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Zoë’s #RolexFastnet Race 2021

By Tall Ships - August 26th, 2021 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Aged 12, I will be the youngest ever person to take part in the Rolex Fastnet Race, which starts in Cowes on Sunday 12th August.

I’m promoting my entry to fundraise £10,000 for Tall Ships Youth Trust — to help at least 12 disadvantaged young people overcome the damaging effects of lockdown by taking part in a potentially life-changing voyage. The experience will give them a lift, a new focus and enable them to develop the skills and confidence needed to positively move on with life.

Zoë and her mum, Lay Koon.

Day 1

Today is day 1 of the Rolex Fastnet Race! We’re off at 11.55. Weather conditions are rather windy expecting up to 30 knots. I am really excited about what will be an amazing experience! Bon vent! (Good Luck!)

Day 2

We had a rough passage beating all the way, the sea was very choppy! I felt a bit seasick but took a tablet with some coke and felt better in time for the 3am watch. The block on the first reef broke on our watch ?.

Now heading for Land’s End.

Day 3

We have 155 miles to go to the Fastnet Rock at 03:05. It has been a very pleasant day starting with a starry night and the Milky Way on night watch. We saw many dolphins and the sun is shining bright. ?

Day 4

It’s day four and we rounded the Fastnet Rock at 08:38:30 this morning (11.08.21). We’re now on our way to the finish line in Cherbourg! ?

Day 5

It’s day five and we’re on our way to Cherbourg with our spinnaker up. It’s been a really nice and warm sunny day but winds have been light. We hope to arrive by noon tomorrow (13). The graveyard watch last night was amazing with a cluster of shooting stars that lit up the boat. We are surrounded by lots of porpoises playing around the boat. ?

Day 6

We have finally arrived in Cherbourg!! I have also exceeded my 10K fundraising target!! ??It feels great to be back on land and showered etc. We are cleaning up the boat for an early departure tomorrow back to the UK. Tonight we can celebrate with dinner in Cherbourg. ?


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