Start date: 10/09/2021

End date: 12/09/2021

Voyage code: CF605

Vessel: Challenger Yachts

Nights: 2

Age: 16 to 65

Start Port: Portsmouth

End Port: Portsmouth

Grade: 2

Passport: No

DofE: No

Price: £149



Voyage Highlights

This two-night volunteer training course is open to anyone who has already been recommended for a Watch Assistant or Watch Leader role.

If you have been recommended for a volunteer position but haven’t sailed as a Watch Assistant or Watch Leader yet, or if you just need a refresher after the break, this voyage will teach you all you need to know.

You will have the opportunity to sail the Solent with a like-minded crew to gain extra experience and training on the water. Throughout the weekend you will cover both technical training and youth work to learn yacht systems in more detail and ensure you have the confidence and knowledge to take on this important and exciting role.

Whilst every effort will be made to deliver the above voyage content sometimes, due to weather and crew’s ability, the content may need to change. Please see below for our full Conditions of Booking.

Further Information

Passport – Where passport required is indicated, the voyage will start and/or finish abroad or a UK based voyage will aim to visit abroad.

D of E – All of our voyages of 4 nights or more qualify for the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Residential section. Please let our Reservations Team know before sailing if you want to use to use the voyage for the residential section.