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Supported by HSBC, 38 young people aged 12 to 15 have been selected from schools nationwide to take part in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sail on board one of 4 72ft Challenger yachts.

Students departed from Portsmouth on Monday 24 September and will sail along the south coast en route to visiting a port in France, before sailing up the Thames on Wednesday 3 October past iconic landmarks and under Tower Bridge.

The students will take part in all aspects of sailing during the 10 night voyage, from cooking and cleaning to setting the sails and taking the helm of an ocean going racing yacht.

Working together, the young people from: Deptford Green School, London; Orminston Venture Academy, Great Yarmouth; Carr Manor Community School, Leeds; and Cyfarthfa High School, Merthyr Tydfil, will be living on board and will be assigned to watches (teams) working in shifts to complete duties through the day and night.

This is a unique physically and mentally challenging experience at sea which will develop the youngsters’ long-term life skills including team working, confidence building and problem solving skills.

The Trust has a well-established reputation for providing invaluable preparation for the challenges we all have in our lives, at work and as part of society. This is achieved by breaking the pattern of conventional behaviour and encouraging team participation and interaction under challenging and sometimes arduous conditions. Learning how to rely on and be relied upon by your colleagues, leadership skills, and decision-making skills are all fostered by the Tall Ships Experience.

Alison Coates, Global Head of Future Skills said:

We are delighted to have supported the Tall Ships Youth Trust for 17 years, allowing more than 700 young people to take part in HSBC supported voyages.  The Voyage of Achievement not only provides young people with a chance to improve their self-confidence, develop team working skills and meet new people: for some it is a truly life-changing experience. Our support of the Trust is part of our wider support of Future Skills – providing our customers, our communities and our people the skills needed to succeed in a global economy.

Richard Leaman, Chief Executive Officer, Tall Ships Youth Trust said:

The support of HSBC over the past 17 years has been extraordinary and is hugely appreciated by the Trust and indeed, the hundreds of young people that have been able to go on board the Voyage of Achievement for the experience of a lifetime.



For further information and images or to enquire about joining a voyage as a journalist please contact:

Alicia Burnett, Tall Ships Youth Trust PR and Communications Officer
Tel: 0239283 2055, Email:

Tall Ships youth Trust

At the Tall Ships Youth Trust (TSYT), our mission is to inspire and encourage disadvantaged young people and people with disabilities to reach their true potential through the crewing of our ocean-going sail training vessels. The charity operates nationally all year round to provide a safe and exciting residential learning environment for young people to develop independent living skills, social skills and to improve their life aspirations. TSYT takes around 2,500 crew members to sea for an average of 7 nights each year, over two-thirds of whom are from disadvantaged backgrounds or have a disability. Over 90% of those who sail with the Trust say they believe the voyages help develop their team working, communication and problem solving skills and the same number believe they increase their long-term life opportunities. Around 20% of young people who sail with us receive a recommendation to return and sail as a member of the Volunteer Crew which provides them with the opportunity to work towards nationally accredited maritime qualifications and could lead to a career at sea.


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