We have a vision of a society where the exclusion of young people and lack of opportunities to them are things of the past, and we are doing everything we can to make this vision a reality.

We offer young people genuinely life-changing experiences by taking them on residential voyages and empowering them to develop their life skills and reach their true potential. Many of the young people we take to sea are disadvantaged or disabled. Many are marginalised by society, have low self esteem, and believe they have low prospects in life.

We equip them with the life skills they need to turn their lives around - confidence, teamwork, social skills and leadership, all in the context of an exciting and challenging environment on board one of our six vessels.

In 2017/18, we gave 1,200 young people a life changing experience (88% told us so). 82% of these young people were classed as disadvantaged or disabled.

"After incessant bullying at school, working with his watch really helped Scott come out of his shell. Now he's taking his GCSEs at college and considering Higher Education."

Chris, Youth Mentor

Of the young people who sailed with us in our 17/18 programme:

  • 95%  believe they now have better team working skills

  • 93%  said they are now able to manage their feelings better

  • 91%  believed it improved their communication skills

  • 89%  said it increased their confidence and self-esteem

  • 88%  said they feel it improved their problem solving  skills

  • 99%  enjoyed the voyage and had fun!

Now we need your support to grow and reach out to more young people than ever before. Please help us today by donating your time or money to transform young lives.

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