Tony Martin


Offshore crew

Please tell us a bit about yourself

My background is engineering and data communications, specifically Satellite and Mobile services (I worked in this area for nearly 20 years, running my own business for much of this time). I was able to retire early in 2018, and since then I have been able to focus my energies on another of my passions  – sailing!

I came to sailing late and have only been sailing for around 12 years, however in that time I have managed to cram in around 45,000 sea miles, including multiple crossings of the Atlantic and also the Pacific Ocean. Along the way I became a Commercially Endorsed Yacht Master Ocean and also Cruising Instructor.

I started sailing with TSYT at the beginning of 2018 when I joined Challenger 4 as voyage crew on a passage from Antigua to the UK, which ended up with me sailing the passage as the second mate. On my return, I started working regularly with TSYT and started skippering the Challengers in 2021.

If I am not sailing (which is quite rare these days), you will probably find me outdoors somewhere either getting dirty in a Land Rover or running up a hill somewhere. I particularly enjoy trail running and have completed a number of trail marathons and ultras.

If you have sailed with me, you will also know that I have a bit of thing about the importance of serving tea on a very regular basis whilst on board, yes please if the kettle’s on, are you making?

Please tell us a bit about your role at Tall Ships Youth Trust

At a high level, my role as a Skipper is manage the boat and keep to everyone safe, and secure on board. The Skipper plans each voyage, including where the boat goes and the activities on board, to ensure that each crew member can maximise their development of new skills throughout their time with us.

It also includes keeping everyone on board well fed and watered, and of course ensuring an ample supply of tea!

With my engineering and technology background, I perhaps unsurprisingly have great love of all things STEM. To that end, I have been fortunate to be able lead a number of TSYT’s STEM focused voyages as I believe sailing provides the perfect framework for STEM focused development – from wind energy to aerodynamics, weather systems to the environment and cleaner seas, satellite navigation to tidal streams.

What has been your most memorable moment at Tall Ships Youth Trust?

I don’t think there is one single moment on one voyage, rather there is a point in every voyage when the crew come together, they suddenly work as team, crew members are helping and supporting each other, new skills are being put into action, and they conduct themselves with new found belief and confidence in themselves.

What is one thing you think people should know about Tall Ships Youth Trust?

We are not a sailing charity, rather are youth development organisation that uses sailing as the tool to break down barriers, expand horizons and teach young people new life skills!

Please describe your job in three words

Inspiring, Changing, Rewarding (for me!)

If you were famous, what would you be famous for?

Well it would probably involve some sort of legislation regarding the compulsory serving of tea and biscuits on board sailing boats…

Is the kettle on?​

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