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Anna Jakob

Growth and Retention Executive / Mate

Offshore crew, Onshore crew

Please tell us a bit about yourself

I fell in love with sailing, and the ocean in 2017, when I first stepped on board an ocean-going yacht.

While I loved teaching English in Switzerland, I realised that being on a boat is a much more effective for the kind of learning I am passionate about.

When volunteering at sea in the holidays became not enough, I made a professional move both into TSYT and into the UK early 2023 – a dream come true!

I love having deep meaningful conversations with people and making life easier for those around me, be that by providing food, a simplified process, smoother communication or a hug.

Please tell us a bit about your role at Tall Ships Youth Trust

I work in the Youth Development and Outdoor Learning (YDOL) Team, both in the Portsmouth Hub and on the water.

In the Hub, I coordinate with group leaders to find a voyage appropriate to their intended outcomes. In the YDOL team, we structure and guide TSYT’s youth development and outdoor learning programme, including regularly connecting with sailing staff.

As a Mate (and now Skipper) on board, I get to interact directly with everybody, the young people, their group leaders, sailing staff, and I’m privileged to be in a position where I’m directly involved in shaping the experience that they have on board. 

What has been your most memorable moment at Tall Ships Youth Trust?

Please don’t make me choose!

Night navigation in the Forth of Clyde, with the realisation that while others would say they’re “cold, wet and miserable”, I would say I’m “cold, wet and ridiculously happy”.

Every time a young person says at the end of the voyage something along the lines of “I didn’t think I could do it, but I did.

“From now on, I will try even the hard things, as I might be able to do them!”

What is one thing you think people should know about Tall Ships Youth Trust?

It has the potential to change your life, if you engage fully with it!

Please describe your job in three words




If you were famous, what would you be famous for?

Listening and understanding.​

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