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Amelia Ralphs

Head of Sailing

Sailing for the first time with TSYT at age 14 was a life changing experience for me. The seven-day Challenger yacht voyage provided me with a brand-new confidence in myself, that I had never experienced before.

For the first time, I was pushed to my personal limit and discovered I could achieve much more than I ever imagined. I was never a sporty child, but by sailing with TSYT, I found a whole new activity, which stimulated me mentally, and made me want to challenge myself physically.

I began volunteering with TSYT at the age of 16 and was hooked, I would spend 13+ weeks a year volunteering. I received a high level of training and support from the staff at TSYT and always felt welcomed in Portsmouth, whenever I arrived for a voyage.

I travelled abroad on my own for the first time with TSYT, discovered ports all over the UK and Europe and completed my first Trans-Atlantic crossing at the age of 18.

When I was 17, TSYT helped me to map out a career plan in sailing, the organisation sponsored me to apply for financial funding from Trinity House and with this, I was able to complete all of my sailing qualifications including the RYA Ocean Yachtmaster!

My first job in sailing was in a refit period with TSYT and it kickstarted my passion for yacht building and engineering. I knew the day I went on my first TSYT voyage that one day I wanted to be a Skipper and that TSYT were instrumental in helping that dream come true.

Today, I have the privilege of working at Outward Bound Hong Kong, as Head of Sailing, managing sailing, refits, expeditions and working with disadvantaged young people from all over Hong Kong. Everytime I get onboard to start a voyage I do it with the confidence I gained when I first sailed with the TSYT, proud to share my journey and inspire other young people and women in sailing. ​​

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