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Tall Ships Ketch – Whitehaven Youth Project

By Tall Ships - September 2nd, 2019 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day Six

Today we stayed on the Isle of Man because the sea state was too rough to be able to sail.

After breakfast and clearing away, we had some lessons from Sam to cover the Competent Crew syllabus. It was quite boring and there was a lot to learn so we broke it up with a biscuit break. Then we had lunch of sandwiches, before getting ready to go ashore. Finally, we got to leave the boat to go shopping! We split into groups of Katie, Lily and Courtney, and Thomas, Alyn, Abbie, Rhys and Liam, with Debs supervising and Shannon having a ‘day off’.

After a while we headed off to the Manx Museum. We looked round a gallery then looked the viking   section, world wars and a cool motorbikes. There was also a little gift shop. After an hour we set off back to the boat for tea which was Chicken/fish and chips. Tea was lush.

Lily-Beth and Katie

Day Five

This morning we all went on a long walk to the then DEBS MADE US GO ON A LONG WALK AGAIN!!!? we went on the over priced trams? to Laxey. We went to our sponsor co-op (*joke*) and bought junk food and drinks. We then went into an antique shop and we saw a sword ⚔and Rhys saw a dagger ?and wanted to buy it but debs wouldn’t let him !!! We walked on the promenade but it was very windy and cold ,we also walked through the centre of the town of Douglas and we saw a motorcycle in a hair dressers  window?Then we came back to the boat and we were being really REALLY loud so josh said if we talked we wouldn’t get our phones back until the end of the trip so we all immediately shut up and didn’t talk for what felt like 5 hours but was only really like 3 hours ????? so we watched secret life of pets 2 ( it was very funny) and had an amazing curry that josh kindly made for us all ????????

signing  out ?

By Liam  +Abbie

Day Four

We woke up in Campbeltown, and some of us had showers. After breakfast, Debs went shopping for essentials so we had to wait for her. Once she returned, we could set off and start our very long journey to Douglas on the Isle of Man. We were split into watches so we could have 4 hours on watch and 4 hours off to help break up the journey. As we were leaving Campbeltown, we saw a seal  on its back sunbathing.

The girls were on the first watch from 11am to 3pm, so some of the boys went below deck to try to get some sleep on the beds, which had been tidied earlier in the day, but only Alyn managed it. During the first watch, it was quite choppy, so even in the cockpit we had to stay tethered. It was like the sea shanty about the Irish Sea, so it wasn’t surprising that Abbie and Rhys flew around the cockpit. We had lunch of jacket potatoes, and not too long after that the watches switched, so Lily and Courtney went down below to get some sleep, but only Lily managed it. By this point, lots of people got bored, so we sang songs and played games to pass the time. At times it felt like the day dragged, yet at others it seemed to fly past. A lot of people stayed above deck all day because it was extremely difficult to sleep during the day. The first meal was pasta, although Debs threw a pan of pasta (with tomato mascarpone sauce) on the floor. Eventually we managed to have pasta, either plain or with pesto, and a choice of ham, bacon and/or cheese. Finally, at around midnight, we could see the lights of Douglas.

Our journey from Campbeltown took us out to sea past the Alisa Craig then to follow the southern Scottish coastline  and then over to the Isle of Man. It was 80 miles and it took us nearly 15 hours, so we got there at 12:45am, which was quicker than expected.

Katie & Courtney

Day Three

First we woke up and ate cereal. Then we washed up quickly so we could get the deck ready. Then we pulled up the anchor and set sail for 7 hours as we took turn steering the boat and we saw dolphins! When we had a small bit of time Sam thought us about the flares on bored incase of emergencies. Shortly after we docked the boat at Campbeltown where we did a bit of shopping (for pegs for our game) and we got our phones back. After shopping we Finally got our showers and so we are going to chill with tummys full of stir fry.

Lily-Beth Smith and Rhys shepherd

Day Two

We woke up, and cleaned up our bedroom (which was a tip!). Then we had showers, brushed our teeth, learnt about engine checks, had breakfast (a collection of cereals) and after that we learnt about life jackets. Later set off sailing with Liam getting to steer first. He got us off the pontoon safely to start of the journey on the water. We were quite scared, as it was the first time sailing for most of us. While sailing we started to learn parts of the boat and winches. Then we had attempts at doing the pulley system and quiz about the boat. We sailed for while and learnt more about the boat and all helped out around the boat. Some of us got called down and made lunch(pasties or sausage rolls with beans) and ate it before we reached the resting point for that day. Later we went on an adventure to a close by island and walked around it for a while. After that most people went swimming after jumping of the side of the boat into the water. Then we dried off and played games while bolognese was being made for our dinner.

Thomas and Alyn

Day One

We started off meeting at the harbour at 10AM. Abbies grandad took lots pictures and made our cheeks hurt by smiling so much !!!! We then set off and met Liam at  Asda in Carlisle. We made the 3 and a half hour journey safely to kip marina where we met josh and sam (the best people we have ever met !!)and tenacity our yacht for the week. We got settled in and chilled out for a bit while sam and josh got biscuits for us ( this is why they are the best people we’ve met then we had the safety socks (I MEAN TALK !!!!

We also went crabbing next to the boat and it took a while but it was very fun even if we did only catch one crab.

A group of us made fajitas’  for our dinner (which were delicious btw)

And the rest of them did the washing and cleaning up


Then we played games and are all going to be asleep at a sensible time

The end

Abbie McCarten + Rhys Sheppard

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