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Tall Ships Ketch – Whitehaven Youth Project

By Tall Ships - September 4th, 2018 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day One

We have all had a very stressful, fun packed and interesting day. When we first arrived we all worked as a team helping transporting the bags from the bus to the boat. It was annoying because one of the trollies we used had a dodgy wheel leading the bags to almost fall into the water. Once the bags were on the boat we had to sort out the rooms and the bags (again). This took a little while but in the end the rooms were sorted, we had unpacked and set sail (there was no wind so we used the engine instead).

On the way to Largs, many people had a go at steering the boat – a rather fun activity. Alost everyone had filled up the front of the deck. Meanwhile the people steering the boat were told to point in the direction of the large industrial cranes near Largs. We had to constantly turn the boat due to the fact that the current and the wind would push the boat either ways.

We were upon entering the harbour in Largs and Jim (one of the two sails men) had many people doing jobs. Ethan was tying the ropes and max and Ellie were holding the buoys.

It took a while to find a space for the boat but we eventually found one that is easy to enter and exit. As soon as we were dressed and dried the starboard crew started to make dinner. Fajitas were what we ate with chicken and vegetables such as peppers and onions,

We had finished the fajitas and the bowl of veg was still full so debs (one of the WHYP staff- also a vegetarian) started to eat some of what was left.

By 22:00 everyone had gone to bed waiting for the next day of sailing.

Day Two

Largs – Campbeltown

On or first real journey aboard the tenacity it was extremely windy so there were lots of waves (but Nick said it wasn’t classed as rough and if we wanted the see rough we should come back when we are older and sail across the Atlantic Ocean… NOT A CHANCE!). because of how disturbing the journey was, four of the crew were seasick during the eight hours of up, down, left and right. Due to the chain reaction of people being sick, most people were off their lunch, so no one ate much. It felt like a long journey but it was reassuring to hear that it would be the longest trip of the week.

Sometime ago a bucket had been put over vent hole at the stern of the tenacity because the waves were that bad that Tasha’s bed had been soaked in salty water. We had only realised this at around lunchtime so Tasha and Paris would have to sleep on the sofas by Katie’s and Ellie’s beds.

Hopefully it would all be fixed by tomorrow night.

Day Three

Campbeltown – Tarbert

This morning we were allowed to go shopping in Campbeltown. We were all told not to waste all of our money immediately as we knew that we would have more opportunities to buy food, souvenir’s and anything else.

Afterwards we collected our clothes and hygiene kits from the bathrooms as we had left them their whilst in town. Once we were done, we walked back to the boat.

The trip up to Tarbert didn’t take long nor was it a rough journey but  we were all happy by the time we had arrived.

Day Four

Tarbert – Portavadie

Today’s journey was absolutely fantastic. The time it took the get from tarbert to portavadie was under an hour and what we saw from a distance was like a dream. Modern spa building, holiday homes and very warm pools.

We had just been for a swim and there were a couple incidents, cut legs, slips on the side and Antony getting kicked out for front flips.

By the time we had got back it had already past eight o clock and tea wasn’t ready until ten.

No one was asleep before ten.

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