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By Tall Ships - August 14th, 2018 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day One

The adventure begins

Today we met each other at the marina in Inverkip and having learnt the essentials we set sail to Largs. We were divided into two groups: Port and Starboard. That night it was Ports turn to cook and we enjoyed some chicken fajitas with varying opinions on spiciness. We saw jellyfish.

Day Two

Sailing through regurgitated carrots

We set off from Largs at nine after a simple breakfast of cereal and a complicated procedure to get us out of the marina. After a lunch of Pasty and beans we got the sails up and running and not too soon after the beans and carrots from the night before came up to say hello again. Ten moist burps later our Marina for the night came into view. Campbeltown, though lacking in looks, remains populated because of its rich whiskey distilling history. During our stay many boats tried to raft alongside us but were driven away by the Monkeyfists that our ruthless leader Anna threw at them, feeling particularly jovial because it was her birthday.

Day Three

Sea and more sea and more of Dylan’s vomit

We started the day out with full wet weather gear on as the skies turned grey. A breakfast of crumpets (later to reappear in the ocean) got us going and though we didn’t get the sails out the ride was quite exciting and choppy. For much of the time it was just us and the vast expanse of ocean that surrounded us on all sides. Finally, at six, Belfast appeared on the horizon and we got dinner started as experience taught us that the cooker on the boat is unpredictable…​

Day Four

what does bypass mean

We went to sea “the world’s largest & safest ship” museum (the titanic). We visited the museum in the morning and in the afternoon we had posh pasta for lunch with pesto and sauce. After lunch some of us wrote postcards, others went to get coffee, and went into the ferry that transported passengers from the French port to the Titanic.

Day Five

I tightened the handle…

After an adventurous first few days the seas settled down a bit for a pleasant yet uneventful day of sailing minus the sailing part. As quoted by Anna (our fearless youth leader/ tormentor) “it felt like the sea could go on and on forever”. We arrived in Campbeltown but we are moored in the bay on a buoy rather than in the marina as there wasn’t space for us. This means that we had to prepare the dingy to go ashore to get supplies and use the showers.

Day Six

We were woken up by the mooring buoy banging the hull of the boat! The morning was spent motoring across the ocean, there was little wind and it was sunny and calm as we headed for Holy Island. We saw seals on the way in, and when we got there we had to put down the anchor! Once the anchor was down we got the dingy ready to go on to the Island. It is an interesting place: it has Scotland’s first “no take zone” beach, it is designated as a UK Sacred Site and is under custodianship of the Rokpa Trust who run the Tibetan Buddhist Centre. It is a very clean and quiet Isle with colourful prayer flags decorating the entrance. After walking around the island we were back on the boat and it was time for a swim with the jelly fish! We moved on closer to Lamlash to the moorings. The views are amazing and it is so peaceful.

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