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Tall Ships Ketch – Spring Holiday Challenge

By Tall Ships - April 11th, 2019 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day One

15:00-17:00: We left from Portsmouth, and we sailed to cows, during that time we learned, how to put up the sail, learning how to do some knots, those being the bowline knot, round turn and two half hitches and the clove hitch, staysail compotation, in which the fastest time was 5.5 seconds, and the slowest was 16.5 seconds.

Other things we learned included, bring fenders in and putting them out, learning how to connect the shore power, a load of health and safety, code on conduct, and things inside the boat’s interior, like the complicated toilet system, coming in and out of the harbour was also interesting, learning all the things that came along with that.

Some people had expectations and thoughts on what the trip would be like, one account went along the lines of: “My expectations were correct, I saw the boat on the front cover of the booklet and it was what I expected”, Another person said, “Slightly nervous, I’ve never sailed before, being away from my family wasn’t the issue, more of a blessing in this case, anyway, the first day was great, and I only hope it gets better from here.”

Owen Hann​

Day Two

Today was a great day, for serval reasons, one of which being because we saved a ‘just married’ balloon and managed to practice having a man overboard, using a dummy of course, so that was fun, we put the jib and mainsail up, but without much wind they didn’t help much, after a while of sailing towards Lymington, we put the sails down. Minutes later the wind picked back up.

Later on, we had a little issue locating our spot to park for the night, but eventually got there, and had custom made burgers, for dinner, and another game of monopoly afterwards.

One person said about the day, “Even better than the first day, enjoyed all the activates, and learning about ‘collision regulations’ and ‘rules of the road’, but my luck with monopoly wasn’t as good as last night, as I only got second, instead of first, but it will do. I’m looking forward for tomorrow, hope it will be even better then today.”

As we got into lymingition we put all of the ropes out then me and noah got the crabbing lines ouit then probbley crabbed for about an hour befor dinner ill say we cought about 15+ crabs then released them back into the sea

Diner was amazing , we made burgers from scratch and I made a crab out of mince meat I thought the was cool

Owen & katie

Day Three

Today we sailed from lymington to buley in the cold rain and I (Noah) managed to sail the boat of the berth. On the way to buley we learned what to do when there is a gas leak fire and emergency’s josh showed us how and when to use flares and we did a few tacks for practice and gybes.

At lunch we ate bacon sandwiches with tomato ketchup which was very nice. Today started sunny but by about 10 or 11 o’clock it got cloudy and started chucking it down with rain and the person on helm got the most wet because there was no shelter for the person.

This morning we got the food for dinner so today we got the ingredients for making a pie and then after that we got ready to get sailing so we got our sailing gear on and the boat we slipped the mooring lines s it is easier to leave the birth

Noah, Owen and Katie.

Day Four

7:45-22:30: We woke up on the agreed upon time, just like the previous days, two of us went for a shower, ate breakfast just before that. Because we had to wait for the tide to come in, so we left around 11:15.

We dropped the anchor, stocks bay, having baked potatoes, with some beans and cheese, prepping for the night sail shortly after, this included, mapping some of the points we were going to find including the south cardinal and north cardinal, before returning to where we started four days ago, we had some dinner, being pasta bake, before setting out for the night sail.

After a bit of an issue with the anchor, we started motoring towards the first point being the south cardinal, some issues came up regarding the second point, but the third one went relatively well, and we arrived in Portsmouth at 22:30.

“I found the night sail, to be overall positive, despite being cold, it was still a lot of fun, navigating to the serval points using the lights used by the cardinals was enjoyable all together.” “The whole journey in particular was great, much better than I expected it to be, and I would honestly do it again given the chance, hopefully in warmer weather, but some people might like the cold weather, I had some great laughs, particularly in the evenings, but my favourite part, was when I got to sleep.”

Owen Hann

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