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By Tall Ships - November 11th, 2019 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day One

It was an early morning for everyone when the radio turned on at 4:45am playing loud music across the boat. We managed to go back to sleep and ready for the day ahead. First of all, we learnt about the different positions of the sales in correlation to the wind direction and the various pressures of the wind. After that we set off to Yarmouth from East Cows. The weather was quite hectic, but we made it through the rough waves. While on sea, a huge wave came amongst us and swept Ammar off the boat’s bowel. Later on, Ammar felt sick but still made it to Yarmouth.

Day Two

It is now Wednesday and breakfast, scrambled egg and toast was made by Harris. A discussion was brought to the table that we were going to sail earlier due to the bad weather conditions afterwards. Then we tidied the boat and then set off to West Cows. The journey was even worse than yesterday showing moderate visibility with powerful flows of wind, the journey was intensely pushing the whole team to the brim of death. While mooring the boat, a big gust of wind struck the sails and made it uneasy to maneuverer the boat to position.  Nevertheless we conquered the seas and made it to another destination and FINALLY made it! Most of the evening’s comedy was provided by Ammar with his corny jokes just as always. This made us all relaxed and ready for bed.

Day Three

The fourth day has just begun, all exhausted from yesterday’s work, we struggled to get out of bed. Cereal and toast was made by Ali and Syeda, how it tasted? It was brilliant. We started the journey off by heading to the river Itchen, which was shortly followed by an amazing lunch made by ladine and ammar. We ate a warming tomato soup with bread. Then we made our way to Osborne bay which was a lovely ride as the sun was shining. While eating a bunch of unhealthy sweets. As dinner was approaching, the anchor was dropped and dinner was almost ready, Garry and haris cooked up an amazing bangers and mash, which everyone tucked into. This fuelled us up for a night ride to Portsmouth

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