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Tall Ships Ketch – Scottish Schools Summer Adventure

By Tall Ships - August 20th, 2018 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day One

We climbed aboard the Tenacity of Bolton and 1pm, we done the introductions with Gary, Michael and Iona. They showed us below deck and above deck along with the important safety procedures and essential items such as the galley, the head and the sleeping areas. We then got fitted for our waterproofs and life jackets courtesy of Michael. Soon after Gary gave us the health and safety chat. We then prepared to set sail to Largs by releasing the ropes attached to the pontoon, and got the fenders ready to prevent the boat from hitting the pontoon. Each of us had a chance to practice tying different knots needed on board. Before setting off we had to tie the ropes around a metal stump to keep the ropes ready for getting into port. We each had a turn of steering the boat and opening the sail. Then the time came to dock into Largs where Eilidh was a pro at positioning the boat so we could dock the boat correctly. Following docking the boat we had to tie bowland knots in the ropes so they could loop round the metal support on the pontoon. Later on we got organised for dinner, we had chicken fajitas made by Beth and Ryan.​

Day Two

We started the day off with breakfast at 8, crumpets and cereal. After having breakfast we done a below deck clean and an upper clean check, along with the boat’s engine. Then we prepared to set sail from Largs on our 6 hour venture. Along the way at Millport we seen our first lot of porpoise whilst on our first sail of the day. We had to revert back to the engine as we had no wind, we later had some lunch on the upper deck. Later on we learned to tack, and did it multiple times according to the wind. Whilst on course, Gary taught us about the mandatory ship and boat lights needed for certain situations. As we approached East Loch Tarbert we were shown the procedures for man overboard and the team carried out the mock rescue on a fender. After we completed the exercises we docked at East Loch Tarbert, making sure all the sails were down and the ropes were ready to be docked along with the fenders to protect the boat from being damaged. We then got off the boat and explored a bit then came back for Iona’s veggie curry made by herself, Hannah and Ryan.

Day Three

We started the day off with breakfast at 8:30, bagels and cereal. Before we left East Loch Tarbert we tested out the dinghy with the motor and then we paddled from one pontoon to another using the paddles. As we left East Loch Tarbert we sat sail and Hannah discovered a bee and asked Iona to go and get some honey to feed the bee, he was on the boat for a while and we decided to name him Tarbert. We then continued to sail alongside Arran and then we hit some katabatic wind and cause some huge waves causing the boat to tip to one side. As we were sailing in the open ocean we seen a warship and were able to see it firing ammunition into the water. A little while later we were able to see Troon clearly and prepared to dock, this was the most stressful part of the day as we found it difficult to get the boat alongside the pontoon, but got there in the end we then seen some massive jellyfish in the marina, later on Eilidh and Beth made spag bol for dinner.

Day Four

We started the day off with breakfast at 08:30, bagels and cereal. The slip line was easier today due to the wind pushing us off the pontoon. The wind today was 30 knots, as we sailed out of the harbour the waves were extremely choppy as the boat was rocking side to side making it hard to stay seated. We endured this for around 2 and a half hours. One of the crew members fed the fishes. We had half of the genoa sail out as the wind was so strong. The wind eased off as we came into rothesay as we were sheltered by the island. This is where we anchored for lunch and decided to stay for dinner where rebeckah and Eilidh cooked bangers and mash. Our plan for later is to set sail from our current location to inverkip where we will stay for the last night.

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