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Tall Ships Ketch – Perth and Kinross Youth Service

By Tall Ships - July 1st, 2019 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day Four

We had a longest day of sailing today as the wind was up we started out of Troon harbour with our sails fully out and managed about 6 knots on the open water, the young people again managed the sails and securing ropes and helping keep the boat on track.

We arrived for lunch at the Holy island of lamlash and anchored in the bay. Swimming was top of the list again with some exploration of the island. Lunch was enjoyed by all up deck in the sunshine. After this we continued for the second part of our journey towards Bute.

Day Three

Up at 7.30am it was getting a little easier to manage he early morning and everyone mucked in with keeping things ship shape. We also found out from Gary a lot of the meanings of well-known sayings that were related to sailing references.

As this was going to be a long day Tony thought of a game to play a little like Cluedo, we all had a mission to kill someone , no one actually died but there was some real competition and it kept us going all day. Gary was the last man standing.

Today we were headed to Troon this was a longer sail again but we did manage to get the sails out and see how the boat manages without an engine. This was a 30-mile distance and this allowed for everyone to have a go at steering managing the sails and manning the boat.

We arrived in Troon to brilliant sunshine but no electricity, this wasn’t for long and we took time to make tea and explore the local town and managed another swim!

There was even some Pictionary and trivial pursuit at the end of the day before bed.

Day Two

We got up at 7.30am this was the first challenge, breakfast was made by Grace and Tony and we all got ready for another days sailing, today we headed to Tarbert with a stop for a swim and some back flips! as everyone got used to the aspects of the boat people started to do things without asking and had picked up how to secure items and steer the boat.

This was a longer day but anchoring for lunch and a spot of swimming had broken the day up. Everyone had a better night’s sleep Javi stayed in his bunk this night.

Day One

We met the crew and got to know one another a bit better, learnt about where we were going and a little bout safety got our equipment and got to grips with the ship.

We set sail for Largs, here was not enough wind for us to use the sails but the weather was spot on and everyone was enjoying themselves.  After a couple of hours and everyone having a job to do and getting involved, we moored ourselves to the harbour at Largs and Bob and Logan made first night fajitas for tea which we learnt was a tradition.

To get rid of some energy we played football near the harbour but the first night was difficult for everyone to sleep as it was all new. Javi even tried sleeping up on deck.

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