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Tall Ships Ketch – Bolton School

By Tall Ships - July 26th, 2019 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day Four

We were up and ready to go on a long day of sailing , we had breakfast as usual but we got ready as soon as we could but the wind kept us against the pontoon so we had to get a tow out of the harbour. As we got going we put out the first sail and the back sail and we maintained a constant speed because the wind was good. We set our course and we were heading for Tarbet harbour and we made it there in about 5 hours of sailing and during that time we saw a dolphin and it was beautiful.  The sailing wasn’t too bad because the sea was calm so no one got sea sick. When we got there we did some work, Jamie and Harry washed the boat but accidently sprayed Anna with the water. We then prepared tea which was chilli con carne which starboard prepared (Jamie, Harry and Max) and it was really good. After we had a shower (The showers were amazing!) we then went crabbing and we got a few big crabs and a few small ones which totalled to about 15 crabs. We then went to bed straight away because we were all exhausted.

Jamie ,Harry ,Max

Day Three

Today a lot like Sunday we were hoping to get out onto the sea but due to bad winds this wasn’t able to happen. We then had some free time so the people on the aft side of the boat [ Lucas, Peter, Mo and Jacob] played monopoly. Later that day we walked up to Vikingar through the village, stopping off at the park for about 30 mins. When we then arrived at Vikingar we went into the pool and some of us played with an inflatable ball that was bought. On the way back we stopped off at the Co-Op before making are way back to the boat and having curry. We then got ready and got are crabbing gear and went to the end of the pontoon where we found approximately we got 12 in the bucket but also caught many more. After we released them, we challenged ourselves to catch a massive crab. After trying for about twenty minutes the crab grabbed the bacon and we quickly reeled it in and let it walk around the pontoon freely before putting it back in. We thought it was about 1 foot long. After this we came back and went to bed.

Lucas, Peter

Day Two

Today has been an adventurous day as we carefully set our course across from “kip marina” to “larges” and the trip there was chaotic because of the gigantic waves that swept across the top deck, after we had stopped we went on a walk into the nearby village which was a 25 minute walk and max was playing some music which put us in a good mood. We then prepared tea which was spagbol and then we went to the showers and now playing monopoly.

Jamie, Max and Harry

Day One

So far it has been a boring day. We arrived at school for half past eight. After the 4 and ½ hour journey, which was uneventful and hard to endure, we mostly relaxed. Due to bad weather, we didn’t set sail today. We played Blackjack/Pontoon between arriving and cooking. Our watch (Port) prepared dinner, which was chicken fajitas. The fajitas were very nice and tasty. We’re going to need a bigger boat. We now expect a wave of water to splash over us repeatedly as we set sail tomorrow with a 69% of heavy showers. In other news a swan attacked the rear centre window, injuring 3 animals, although they, admittedly were its family.

Lucas, Mo, Peter and Jacob

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