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Tall Ships Cat – The American School in London

By Tall Ships - March 21st, 2019 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day One

We set sail at approximately 13:30 after going over the essential safety procedures, deck preps, and engine checks were complete. I thought I would be warm enough with two pairs of sweatpants, three pairs of socks, two long sleeve shirts and a hoodie, with rain boots and waterproof gear all over top, but I was frozen. We did not sail far from Portsmouth after we left as the wind was not strong nor consistent enough, and tacking was not a sufficient option; we ended up using the engine majority of the time to ensure we would arrive at our destination, Shepherds Harbour Marina, at an ideal time. As we put up the main sail and jib, it began to sprinkle lightly, intensifying the horizon and turning the clouds to a stormy grey. We were instructed to pull certain lines as others released lines adjacent, and I am sure that whoever pulled lines this afternoon will wake up with shoulders and backs as sore as the day is long. After docking and cleaning the catamaran, we began to prepare dinner: pasta with Quorn Bolognese (we have 2 vegetarians, a peanut, and a soy allergy on board — we must collectively be cautious in our meal decisions). We also had garlic bread, half of which was burnt by the oven that was either too hot or not hot enough. Halfway through dinner someone mentioned I looked sunburnt, though I did not think this was possible. Sunburnt?! I exclaimed out of confusion, and someone explained that it was most likely not a burn from the sun, but from the wind. The wind today was not strong enough to permit us to travel in the direction we wanted, but was strong enough to turn our faces as bright as a tomato. Maybe tomorrow it’ll be a little stronger (and my face will be a little redder).


Day Two

Today, we had an interesting sailing day. We started off by eating a delicious breakfast.

I ATE BOULDERS!! So you already know I had a successful day. Anyways, the weather today was significantly better than yesterday with less wind

and rain. It was not pouring.

The old man was not snoring, as you already should have known.

Also we went sailing, we were good and we were bad. We put those big boi sails up – UP THEY WENT! FLAP FLAP IN THE WIND.

We got to test out the VHF’s with the other tall ships boat, and learned how to send messages such as weather forcasts!

Nina felt a bit woozy and almost took a snoozy but it’s okay because the water was warm like a Jacuzzi – nacht!

Took a $weeeet shower at the lil boat man house and it was super $sweet.

We did sum dead reckoning or something. We were good and we were bad at that too.

I genuinely really, really hope that we keep on yeeting throughout the rest of the trip.

Day Three


You get a logbook

Even you get a logbook

Only six pounds each


Complicated nav

We did not want this info

Too much math involved

Night nav

Look for the buoy

Three flashes in ten seconds

Wait where are we help


Gas alarm rang first thing

What does cooked chicken look like

Please no salmonella


Bangers and sweet mash

Yummy yummy in my tum

Cooked to perfection

Mast climbing

Us three climbed the mast

Turned out to be very tiring

The boys pulled us up.

By Mckayla and Zora

Day Four

This morning we were forced to relive the shock of not having boulders for breakfast. Instead, we compromised with coco pops and corn flakes. Some of us even got creative with our meals and added banana! This was very exciting.

Since we slept in the middle of the Solent, there was no prep to be done before we started navigating. The wind was not on our side so we didn’t put up the sails. We took turns steering and a few of us even fell asleep at the front of the boat! We were all exhausted from our night navigation last night. We enjoyed coffee, tea and biscuits on the deck while we made our way back to Portsmouth.

Once we had lowered all the buoys and tied the ship to the dock (using our excellent bowline knots!!!) we made sandwiches for lunch. We then started cleaning and now here we are!!


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