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Tall Ships Cat – South Coast Adventure

By Tall Ships - August 20th, 2018 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day One

We all had an early start this morning, on the way here we got a bite to eat on shore and made out way to the boat. When we arrived we all were introduced to the crew, after that we had a tour of the cat, before the weeks briefing we unpacked all out belongings and made our self at home. After this we made our way up to the saloon and were giving a briefing about the plan of the week, later we made our way to Tesco’s Express and buy our favourite biscuits. Captian Josh’s favourite biscuits are Party Rings, Oliver’s favourite biscuits are Chocolate Digestives, Ethan’s favourite biscuits is Chocolate Hobnobs, Charlie’s favourite biscuits are Jaffa Cakes, Brian’s favourite biscuits are Jammy dodgers, harrys favourite biscuts are ginger nut. Before Tesco’s we learnt about charts and where we were going today. Later we learnt how to flush a toilet (Heads) as well as giving a tour of the galley.

Day Two

Today we woke up from our new beds for the week end. This was the first time I had slept on a boat. Then the crew got up and had some breakfast. Ollie had to get his medicine from his mum and when they got back d boys went to the showers on a big green light ship(the bathrooms were really nice).when we got back we learned how to check the engine and it was in check. Then we set sail for Lymington during the journey i made some delicious bacon butties. We put the main sail up as well as the mizzen and head sail. We came to the pontoon and the parking place was very windy but we did it. We all went swimming on the infletbeles wich was cool.

Ethan Alderson

Day Three

We woke up at 08:00 although we didn’t get out until 08:15, I was fuming with Ollie’s coughing and snoring but eventually forgave him. At 08:30 we had breakfast and all had a cuppa tea but Ollie had a hot chocolate because he doesn’t like tea or coffee. Then at around 09:00 we made our way to the showers which was a 15 minute trek from the marine. Between 09:30 to 10:00 we left the marine and made our way to Osborne view. We only put up the Head sail but still was going as fast as motoring, we had the tide on our side. Finally we made it to Osborne view at 13:30 were we greeted which and ice cream boat, me, Ollie, Ethan and Brian had a Chocolate Ice cream and Josh and Harry had a vanilla ice cream. Ollie and I then proceed to make lunch in which we had Chicken, fish, beans, cheese, pork pies and sausage rolls. After lunch we had a supposed to be 40 minutes theory lesson but turned out to be 1 hour and a half. Then we all had a few hours of chill out time. Oliver and I made bangers and mash which took 1 hour and 30 minutes but worth it. At 19:00 we left to go out on a night motor which the adult crew were not allowed to helm. I went to the south cardinal mark which is 6 flashes and 1 long one, Ethan went to the north cardinal mark which continuously flashes, Ollie went to the port channel mark which is called mother bank and that is 2 red flashes and Harry took us back to Osborne view which is when we arrived at 23:30. We had some problems with the anchor but it was all sorted out. The kitchen fairy came during the night which was a relief to Ethan who was supposed to do it. Then we all went to sleep safe and sound.


Day Four

This morning we woke up and got changed. Olly got breakfast ready which was coco pops and we sat down for our second to last meal. Then we set off and sailed up to near Southsea using the head sail. Once we made it near the harbour we had some trouble getting the sail down but we eventually got it down. As we went to go in we realised some people were in our spot so we called up the marina office and apparently they were late to leave so we went sailing for an hour again and came back in and moored to the docks. After we had officially moored we had lunch (our last meal) which was just sandwiches and not jacket potato (sadlyL). Then we chilled out for a bit and then filled out our forms.


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