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Day Five

We had to do the nigh navigation as groups and we had to plan ahead our journey by judging the amount of times a boy would flash this would help us see where we needed to point toward as it was quite challenging as it was dark and hard to steer and see where we was going .we then arrived at Portsmouth where we had another challenge as we had to dock the boat in the dark which would be quite hard but we managed to do this quite successfully we  then went to sleep and have now cleaned the boat as we have to wash the boat clean the bunks and kitchen.

Steph & Tai

Day Four

At 8 o’clock in the morning we woke up and got breakfast ready we then cleaned the boat and did the engine checks after cleaning we then took the sail covers of and got the sails ready. Then we got a lesson from Lindsey about boat safety and procedures that we should take to get the attention of the life guard or any closer boats for example if there was a fire on board we would]s say mayday if it was out of control and pan pan if its controllable but we might need assistance.

We then went to the pool to go swimming and play on the inflatables which was also in sea water which was quite different and a good experience as you wouldn’t normally have sea water in the pool after that we went to the Southampton port where we got to experience the way the Southampton port works we then went to Osborn bay where we are waiting for the boys to light up so we can follow them back to Portsmouth.

Tai and Josh

Day Three

Today we travelled from Poole to Lymington, we were given the roles of navigating and controlling the whole boat. Camille was in charge (Skipper), the night before we had done a rough plan of what was going to happen today, this made it clear and easier for us to prepare for the next day. In the morning we had to plan the route that we was going to take, everyone had to get contribute and put suggestion In, I helped with figuring out what landmarks or any recognisable things we would pass on the way. Everyone was very helpful and offers to volunteer for cleaning, making lunch, packing things away etc. I had also learned about something called pot Bouys which collect sea animals for us to eat however, this can cause a lot of damage to the boat, so when i was driving I had to make sure that I avoided them and steered in the right direction. As Camille was in charge she had to make sure that everyone had a turn at driving and navigating the boat. Once we arrived at Lymington we had to put on the fenders and put the covers on the sales this keeps the boat in good condition and tidy. We then had a look at the outdoor pool and played football, which was very enjoyable because it brought everyone together.

Done by Stephanie

Day Two

Day Two……Began something like this…First we left the Isle of Wight, the quiet island with not much going on then we started our journey by first fuelling up at the harbour which took about half an hour and headed into the hustle and bustle of Poole. As we made our way we were taught a couple skills on how to sail the boat this included putting up the sails and being able to determine which way the wind was traveling based on the direction of the boat and being able to know which way to put up the sails in order for us to have a successful and pleasant journey.

Within today’s journey we were able to gain further knowledge and understanding of what sailing entailed, this included naming different parts of the sail e.g. Luff/Leech, Feet/Head. We were able to successfully set up the sail while working as a team this ensured that the procedure was carried out effectively and efficiently in addition to this most people got a chance to sail the Catamaran which we all enjoyed and hope to do later on in the week.

We eventually reached the harbour at Poole and were able to finally get off the boat and we enjoyed sightseeing around the town centre, this was a great experience due to the fact we got to see the view of a different environment and social structure to what most of us are used to. During the evening we were also challenged to go into groups and see who could get the tackiest souvenir, unfortunately our group lost despite the fact we thought our souvenir was the most creative and thoroughly thought through. Overall today has been a challenging as well as a rewarding day and we cannot wait for tomorrow!!!!!

Temi & Elliana  x

Day One

Today we embarked on a 4 hour venture to Portsmouth. From here we then arrived at the tall ships cat, of which we then had a tour of. We got a good chance to meet the lovely staff (shoutout Lindsey and Jim). We became familiarised with the equipment and ropes. Then we set sail for the Isle of Wight. Two very lucky crew members got to navigate the seas. The rest of the crew were joking and sunbathing enjoying the warm summer breeze and taking pictures. We wound up the teachers by singing and dancing and then retired to the Saloon where we played cards Blackjack and Cheat! Lindsey clearly thoroughly enjoyed this. We then enjoyed some delicious fajitas cooked by 2 members. We then somehow led on to a group discussion where we judged what person looks like what dog and concluded Lindsey is a Pitbull person (even though she has the calmest dog in the world) and Jim looks like a Labrador because he is kind and caring. Interesting conversation.

From Camile and Nick

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