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Day three

Today we started our journey in Poole. This morning Elle cooked bacon with Chloe who was making bacon for the first time ever. After breakfast we sailed to get fuel for our journey. We had a four hour journey to Weymouth. There was not enough wind for us to put the sails up today so we used the motor to get there. When we arrived we walked around town and it was really nice. We went into different shops and also we went into the amusements. We walked back down the beach and had (burnt) Fish & Chips for dinner, cooked by the boys. We then played games on board. Tomorrow we sail back to Cowes!

By Cloe

Day two

From Sandwell to Portsmouth to Isle of Wight to the posh people of Poole. Today has been amazing and that is without mentioning we won against Columbia in the football (if you already haven’t heard). 5 hours of sailing with wind and diesel and tilting 30 degrees to the side we all stand up as we sail up the south coast. We have all almost had a go at sailing the ship and we haven’t veered of course too much (yet) the crew are so helpful and we all know from port to starboard. There hasn’t been a dull moment, well until the 93 minuet of the football match, today has be a great one and I cannot wait for the next,

Over and out

By Jordan

Day one

Today, we left school at 7:45 and headed towards Portsmouth, our starting destination for the week. Once we arrived we went through all the health and safety tutorials and an introductory talk about the next 4 days. Once all the checks had been completed we set off towards East Cowes, on the Isle of Wight.  We have now finished our dinners, fajitas, we are tidying up and getting ready to head out for evening showers. After this we will spend the rest of the night relaxing.

By Jessica and Sian

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