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Day Four

On the 28th of July 2019 we were at Weymouth, watching the parade of the 150 anniversary of there being a life boat station there.  The cannons went off in Weymouth fort, they did a tiny demonstration and there was a parade of boats.  Meanwhile Paul and Steve were fixing the engine they finished the job at 11 o’clock. Then we went to the ice cream shop, then we went back to the boat and set off to Yarmouth. It took us about six hours to get there under sail and we had lunch on the way.  When we got into Yarmouth it took a marina dinghy helping us to park, then we had pork chops for dinner and then washed up. After this we had showers like. Then it was off to bed as we were very tired like. We found out that the missing tomatoes had been only virtual tomatoes and not ever on board, but the Nan breads are still missing.

Day Three

After a good night’s sleep the crew awoke to find yet another stolen Tomato, the trails led back to the boys dorms but nobody was found to be guilty (yet). Then setting sail the crew set off for the longest day of the trip yet! Leaving Poole, we left our plan of robbery behind and set sail. Taking out (nearly) all of the sails we tacked along St. Albans Head until finally we realised we were tacking backwards! Then as we started to motor towards Weymouth, tragedy stuck. The motor broke! It wasn’t that important though as we have 2 on the cat but it sure was a pain in the backside for Steve and Paul to fix. Then after arriving safely in Weymouth Jago and Harry, who were both very confident in their skills, tried to tie a bowline to secure the boat. Both failed and managed to shame Tall Ships twice in front of a medium sized crowd! Then later as we settled down to a lovely curry, cooked by our on-board master chefs, we realised the thief had struck again. This time it was with a packet of naan-breads. The thief, who is still at large, may strike again. So be careful as you might be the next victim of the sleep walking food stealer,


Day Two

With an early start at 07:00, the crew wolfed down breakfast and prepared for departure. After leaving Bucklers Hard at 08:25 and whilst motoring out of the Beaulieu river we completed a Winch brief (part of the competent crew syllabus). We entered the Needles where the waves soon picked up and even at the mere height of 1-2 meter they were still very scary at times when you were sent smashing down into the sea after riding a wave then as the wind picked up we decided to put the main sail up. We had a lovely (late) lunch at 2 o’clock as the Cat approached Studland Bay. From then on we had swift sailing on our hands until we arrival in Poole Harbour at 16:00.  We planned to steal one of the new luxury yachts but unfortunately we did not have the conditions to execute the plan. Next we ventured on a quest into the heart of Poole in search of a post-box. The journey was treacherous yet enjoyable, stopping by for some refreshing ice cream. Alas, despite everyone’s efforts, there were at first no signs of the crimson letter container everyone so desperately searched for. Yet over the horizon, there it was. The post box. After successfully depositing the postcards, the crew returned to the motherboard. We then had fish and chips for dinner and we are now cleaning up after it. It will then be time for showers and then bed.

By The TS Cat crew

Day One

We all met at the Harbour and then went to the boat where we met the crew. They went through the safety briefs and learnt how to prepare the deck and check the engines. Biscuits were slowly disappearing as the young voyagers began to settle in and get to know each other and by the second hour all the biscuits were gone! Then finally setting sail, the budding crew left behind Portsmouth and ventured into open waters of the Solent before entering the Beauliau River at 16:47 then after (half) a day of hard work we safely arrived at the Bucklers Hard at 7:40. After a delightful dinner of fajitas, the crew went for a short walk around the historic hamlet of Bucklers Hard which is famous for its ship building throughout the Georgian era. We returned to grab a quick shower (which were amazing!), before turning in at 22:00.

By The Crew of TS Cat

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