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Tall Ships Cat – Merseyside Police

By Tall Ships - September 4th, 2018 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day One

We started by waking up to that dreadful alarm, only this time it was a 4:00am alarm. Im guessing im not alone in saying I wanted to stay and sleep. We hauled our overpacked bags to the police station for 5am to find a lovely lady and a grumpy man awaiting next to a birkdale minibus as cramped as it was it would be our home, at least for the next 7 hours.

The journey was uneventful, apart from the bonding experiences we shared over dumb anecdotes about our lives. We stopped twice and went to the services, firstly to drink McDonalds coffee, then, we mostly looked at extremely expensive items, such as bread and beans.  We were all relieved once we arrived.

Once we arrive at the boat we unpacked and tried to get the best beds available after going down the awkward stairs, which we would have many laughs about, that lead to the berths. Unfortunately, as the weather conditions wouldn’t allow it we couldn’t leave that day. However,  we did get our life jackets fitted and got any waterproofs we didn’t have.

As the evening neared, we all made chicken fajitas for dinner. After, eating we relaxed and played cards and then we went to the cinema. We watched ‘Antman and the Wasp’, which was a good activity for us to bond further. The movie ended and the night sky had rolled over the daytime blue and bright city lights illuminated the way back to our catamaran. It was nice and enjoyable.


Day Two

So on the second day we woke up at eight am, at half eight we began to prepare and eat breakfast. Than we set up our sails and started sailing, unfortunately our sail snapped so we had to use the engine for the rest of the ride instead However we had hot dogs for lunch, After we sailed around for a bit it was very choppy for a bit but it cram down because of the god himself Michael turner o yerrr. Then we came into Lymington and we parked the boat in a space but we got shouted at because SOMEONE not naming anyone parked into 2 spaces and all are hard work we did with the ropes so they had to do it again but luckily we quickly escaped to the town centre but me myself didn’t like it (Michael) that’s why we came back so early but the town did sell good rock mmmm. Eventually we began to prepare dinner, our group chopped up the vegetables and the others cooked the bolenase . after we settled down after dinner we done our theory.

Day Three

In the beginning, there was a wake up call. Then there was scrambled eggs and crumpets for breakfast before we headed out to the Lymington outdoor swimming pool to use the inflatable total wipeout.

Then we set sail! With engines…

With the gentle hum of engines behind us we sat on the front of the boat as we motored towards the horizon. With beautiful view to our port side of the isle of wight, we learnt how to do knots with strawberry laces.

The scenery was amazing, the water shimmered in the sun and the waves rocked us back and forth, calming us after a very active morning. We dropped the anchors and before dinner, some of us jumped off the boat for one last swim.

Scrumptious fish and lumpy mash was the dish for the cat crew, prepared by the infamous starboard watch-it was a quick but filling meal , good enough to get us through the night. The Boss is getting on our nerves since the morning of salty inflatables but the real boss has our backs. Tonight is going to be the same as any other…. Unless its not 😉

Day Four

We woke up more ready than previous days as we have now gotten used to the waking up times and for breakfast we had bacon (which was very top notch, credit to Lottie and Tharanikaa) and Jordan had a sausage which he choked on. Eventful from the beginning.

Then we took the dingy to go to the beach and getting out of the dingy proved to be a very wet experience. It wasn’t too bad though and we spent a little bit of time skimming rocks before getting into a very unpleasant seaweed war in which I (Marta) suffered greatly.

Then we headed back to the cat with big splashes, soaking Michael. The next thing we did was make lunch witch was jacket potato and we could have either beans, tuna and sweetcorn or cheese as a topping.

We’re forgetting the party we had for our lovely boss (grumpy man). We had all sat down inside around the table with a beautifully decorated interior (thanks to our skipper and first mate) Outside the boat however carl was annoyed to not be able to enter the interior and when we needed him he was resistant to come-typical. We waited so long that the 0 candle had waxed the cake but finally the old man had his 40th-2 days early……

Day Five

We woke up at 8:00am and we came up stairs and had breakfast, we had sausage and beans. After breakfast we went into Cowes and had the tackiest souvenir competition this is where we had to go to different shops to look for the tackiest item and the winners were lizzie and Jordan.

Then we set sail for Osborne bay where we anchored and swam, we all jumped in, Marta conquered her fear and joined us in the water. Then we all had filled rolls on the deck because we were to wet to go in.

After that we went inside to do some night time sailing theory, we were split into teams to do a stretch of the voyage and figured out how to plan and follow a course. in the evening we chilled out until night fell.

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