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By Tall Ships - June 28th, 2019 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day Four

We woke up at 8 30 had breakfast, a selection of cereal. After breakfast we went to the toilets and brushed our teeth and walked up to the beach\rocks and swam bit in the sea nick didn’t go in [what a L] and sunbathed for bit at 11 30 we walled back to the boat and had some bacon buttes after lunch some of us went to the showers. In the afternoon we went to the cinema and watched toy story 4 and I feel like it was an ok film after the cinema we went looking around the shops after the shops we went back to the boat and started getting ready for the dinner at belle Italia and then chilling for the rest of the day. The end.

Day Three

Yesterday we woke up and went to the showers and I made bacon sandwiches for everyone with the help off Steve. We left Limington with the visitors off Lee and Arjun. We went to the needles and had a variety of food for a picnic for our lunch. Whilst we was still in Limington we taught Lee and Arjun how to put a life jacket on. After we ate our lunch we took our visitors back and we sailed back to Portsmouth. We was having a race with another boat *they didn’t know*. When we got back to Portsmouth we tied up the boat and we ate dinner we had sweet and sour chicken with rice. We then went for a walk to the showers, brush our teeth, Tesco and Burger king. We then all came back to the boat and went to sleep.

Sinead baker x

Day Two

This morning everyone woke up to cereal and toast, once having breakfast we made our way to the harbour to brush our teeth and have showers. We then got came back to the boat and got ready for an adventure .Which led to us staying in Limington we had a stroll around the area as well as did a few activities consisting of crabbing , football and long walks we also enjoyed a cone of ice-cream. Today was a productive day which means we are going to be rewarded with an amazing bag of chips and a delightful juicy sausage

We all as a group worked together to develop skills such as teamwork, responsibility and a huge amount of confidence. As we understood each of our parts for example pulling the rope for sailing or winding the lever to put up the mesne winch .This means we not only had a great time but learned new things.

We also as a group had breaks and played Uno which allowed to find out more about each other this meant we worked better as a group we also will get to appreciate the view in the evening when the sun goes down.

-Viraj Patel

Day One

Today, we set sail on the boat to start the trip. We learnt how to prepare the boat for sailing as we left Portsmouth. I in particular helped untie the ropes so we were no longer tied to the dock. I then got the opportunity to steer the boat towards the Isle. However, we encountered a few rough waves during the sail, due to a large passing boat on our left. It was difficult to keep steady on the boat when this happened.

We also learnt about different parts of the boat, including the Heads (toilets) and the Galley (kitchen) as they are nautically called. I also learnt about the Jack Stays (which is a line that you can strap to during rough conditions) and the Oscar flag (which is the overboard flag, which is what Oscar stands for.) We learnt about the importance of life jackets while we’re at sea, and how to put them on correctly.

We also learnt how to ‘put the boat to sleep’ as they called it. We had to drop the weights to slow the boat and ensure it didn’t float away while we were docked. I helped pull a rope around the winch to keep the boat secure. It was quite a difficult task, but I managed in the end.

Shortly after, a swan was given clean water as it approached the boat. This was quite a cool thing to see. (Other than the amazing sights from the boat) Dinner was being prepared during this time, Quorn bolognaise. The majority of us enjoyed the meal, it was quite interesting to see everybody’s reaction, and Sam definitely enjoyed making the meal. There was also a choice to have garlic bread alongside the meal, which I thought was a great choice alongside dinner.

Currently, everyone is preparing to play some games, like Uno for instance. I for one, am not one for party games as such, but could possibly give it a go. Unlikely scenario though, I must admit.

Tomorrow contains a long day of sailing; let’s hope it is not too tiring for everyone. Just the boat rocking right now is quite unsettling!


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