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Day Five

This morning we woke up in Osborne bay and sailed to Cowes. On the way we managed to raise the main, head and stay sail. In Cowes we set up the boat for night sailing and cleaned. After lunch we sailed to New Town and created a navigation plan in groups of two for the night sail. We then waited for the sun to set and got ready. The night sail was amazing, looking  at all the lights in the distance and big ships passing! – Marella

We are all sad it’s our last night but it’s late and we want to sleep so… over and out!

Day Four

Today we woke up for an early breakfast of cornflakes and a quick shower at the harbour. We rested at the harbour until around 11, as it was low tide and we were unable to leave the harbour. Whilst we waited for the tide to increase we did our ‘Tender usage: Handle a dingy under oars’. In this exercise we had to paddle a dingy around the harbour.

We finally left the harbour at around 11 in the morning, heading towards Osbourne Bay where we would anchor for the night. On the way to Osbourne bay we were quizzed about different aspects and concepts about the boat. On the way there we encounter several different types of boats and interesting landscapes.

For lunch we had grilled ham and cheese sandwiches, and shortly after anchored in Osbourne Bay. On arrival we attempted to clean the kitchen area as well as our personal areas and the cockpit. As the day was sunny and fairly warm; we decided to have a swim in the sea. Unfortunately, although sunny, the water was very cold and we didn’t last too long; however it was still sunny so we spent some time outside on the deck.

Once we were dried off, Josh taught us about the remaining parts of the Competent Crew such as Emergency Equipment and Man Overboard. After this short lesson type activity, we had some free time before a dinner of stir fry noodles.

Day Three

Today the wind kicked up, so we were finally able to use the sails properly and with speed. We embarked from the port all by ourselves, and then used the head sail to achieve velocities as high as 10 knots. We used all of our knowledge so far, as we had to set our own courses using the charts. We also cooked our own meals – a delicious bacon and caramelized onions fest, followed by classic bangers with mash. We were also tested on our knowledge of reach names and ship parts. In the end, we also worked as a team to overcome a challenge – tacking and jibing (turning through the wind), we finally arrived in Bucklers Hard and docked at the port.


Day Two

We woke up around 800 meters from the coast with what seemed to be a really nice day. We then made some breakfast (some people were late & got told off) and went over the plan for the day. After that we raised the anchor and set sail for Lymington. We took turns at the helm, motoring as our main source of thrust and then raised the main sail to stabilise the ship. Then we went down to anchor around 50 minutes from our final destination to have lunch. Many people were killed (in our game) as we were coming into port. We lowered down the fenders and setup the ropes to more at the Lymington. We went to the shops and everyone went to buy stuff at Tesco. We got some food and snacks for the trip and had some amazingly overcooked curry. Really excited for day 4!


Day One

Today we woke up bright and early, 7:30, and started to get ready for the day. We ate breakfast at around 8 and then had some free time to finish getting ready and tidy up. Then we got ready to head off to sail past the needles in the Isle of Wight and anchor in Studland bay. Firstly, we unravelled the sail covers, removed the instrument covers, and slipped the bow and stern in preparation for departure. We then introduced the “boat murder game” (two of our crew were already dead, not literally though). We then motored out of the harbour for 9.2 miles and then raised the sails and turned off the engines. We then sailed to our anchor point which is where we’ll be staying for the night. Then the boys prepared and cooked some lovely fajitas, but cooked all the meat with vegetables, so our handy vegetarian didn’t have anything to eat. However, the chefs improvised something wonderful.

Darrien & Erin (Woz here)

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