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Tall Ships Cat – Action on Disability

By Tall Ships - April 18th, 2019 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day One

We met up at Hammersmith Broadway and we got the train from Hammersmith to Westminster, then we changed trains from Westminster to Waterloo and from Waterloo to Portsmouth and we stock together as a group. We arrived at Portsmouth and we met up with Chas first, then we met up with Bushy and Jim. We put our stuff away and we was talking about the routes, us working together as a team, talking about who is taking turns in doing what, such as cooking and cleaning. We then went through how to put on lifejackets on and we learnt about how to escape if there was an emergency and finding where things are if we need them. Then we learnt about the names of the ropes and how to tie and secure them properly and how to use the ropes. We went off and we worked with each other as a group by knowing where we were going and how to get to our destination. We also worked with each other by helping each other with tying the ropes, lifting up the ensign by pulling the rope for it and steering the wheel. We finally got to our destination and had dinner. We cleared up everything and we went through and figured out what to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner for our last 7 days. That was end of today.

By Seyrhia

Day Two

Today I was on the boat helping tie the ropes and move the fenders to the back of the rope. We all worked in teams to do different tasks, everyone just got on with it really well. We also was looking out for particular coloured bouis in particular compass points and directions, we all had to ensure that as a team we all followed the instructions on the sheet of paper and everyone had a go at driving the helm. Earlier the boat was tilting and it was really windy, it made me laugh because it felt like I was on a ride at Thorpe Park, Most people ended up seasick, We all had lunch and helped clean up. We then had to discuss in a group about the meal planner for the next few days. We also discussed what will happen on the next day.

Day Three

We  Prepared breakfast as a team, did engine checks and provisioned the boat for the next few days for our Duke of Edinburgh Gold Challenge.

We put up the Stay sail and Mizzen up and sailed up the river Beaulieu.

We went to the Maritime museum and walked to the town in Beaulieu, it was a long walk to town and was very beautiful.

We are all happy, proud of improving on our sailing skills.


Shannon Phillips

Day Four

Today we’ve come to an end with our expedition, everyone got given certificates and we all went just outside the boat to have a picture being taken of us holding our certificates.

I feel happy that we’ve passed our gold and im nervous about going back home as I don’t want to really liking it on the boat now. Before I was worried about the  boat rocking, but now its making me laugh when the boat is rocking in big winds and waves.

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