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Payroll Giving is an easy, flexible way for you to give a regular donation to Tall Ships Youth Trust from your gross salary.

It’s also the most tax-efficient way for UK taxpayers to give, as the donation is made before tax is deducted.

Payroll Giving donations are taken from pay after National Insurance but before tax. A £10 gift will cost a standard (20%) taxpayer only £8, or a higher-rate (40%) taxpayer just £6.

The amount you give is up to you – for example, a £5 donation will cost a standard-rate taxpayer £4, or a higher-rate taxpayer £3.

How Payroll Giving Works

How do I sign up?

Ask your employer for details on how to sign up. If your employer doesn’t currently run a Payroll Giving scheme, they can find out how to set one up at

Why set up a Payroll Giving scheme?

Setting up Payroll Giving is an excellent way for your company to demonstrate commitment to the causes that your employees care about, increasing staff engagement, improving staff retention and boosting morale.

Match it!

You can also match your employees’ donations, which shows support for your employees’ favourite charities. Matched donations do not incur administration fees and they can be charged against company profits as a charitable donation.

Payroll Giving Quality Mark awards

The UK government funds the Payroll Giving Quality Mark scheme, which recognises and rewards organisations for encouraging staff to donate through Payroll Giving.

How to set up Payroll Giving

To set up the scheme you need to contact a Payroll Giving agency. A list of approved agencies can be found here.

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