Global M2M SIM

At a personal and corporate level I feel the need to support Tall Ships Youth Trust and the work they do with young people. Global M2M SIM and its staff are pleased and proud to support Tall Ships Youth Trust.

Challenge 64 - Cycling 640 km in aid of Tall Ships Challenge 64

Michaela Sylvian

Tall Ships has been fundamental in the development of local young people and I am no different, they gave me direction in a time of strife and it's now my turn to give back.

465km for TSYT Calmer Water

Layla-Mae Martin

In 2018, I sailed with TSYT to the Channel Islands and I loved every moment of it. I want experiences like I had to be available to all children and young people, regardless of their background or situation.

Great South Run 2019

Gary More

I have seen first hand what impact voyages with the Tall Ships Youth Trust can have for young people. Fantastic cause and well worth our support.

Sarah at GetMyFirstJob - Great South Run

Sarah Lovell

Tall Ships Youth Trust and GetMyFirstJob have the same goal, helping young people gain skills and confidence to help throughout their lives.

GetMyFirstJob Operations

Clare Watson

Tall Ships has been adopted as the company's Charity for theYear. Having been invited to see their work firsthand, we are delighted to support them, providing life changing changing experiences for young people as they leave school.

OB Going Blonde

Owain John Meredith-Bennett

DYING MY HAIR COMPLETELY BLONDE, for a charity that means a lot to the community.

Eric runs the London Marathon

Eric Walker

This charity does fantastic work for young people who need support and direction in life. It's such a unique charity that I believe can really make a difference to future generations!

General Appeal

Carol Freeman

To help offer life changing voyages to disadvantaged young people

Skydive to Support Tall Ships

Richard Lloyd-Williams

I've worked for the Trust for over 11 years, so I've seen firsthand the life changing difference our voyages have made to thousands of young people. I'm going to confront my fears and jump out of an plane on 23 February and freefall for 30 seconds (gulp!) to raise funds to support more young people!

GMFJ Recruitment Team

Recruitment Team

To raise Money for the Tall Ships Charity that provides such wonderful life-shaping support for Disadvantaged and disabled young people in our local community