START DATE: 08/05/2019

END DATE: 23/05/2019

Voyage code: CF 517

Vessel: Challenger Yachts

Nights: 15

Age: 18 to 65

Start Port: Portsmouth

End Port: Portsmouth

Grade: 4

Passport: Yes

DofE: Yes

Brochure Price: £1,495




Voyage Highlights

  • Sail though the Norwegian Fjords 
  • Experience challenging sailing through the North Sea 
  • Visit Norwegian towns such as Bergen, Stavanger or Kristiansund

Experience the breath-taking scenery of the Norwegian Fjords in the best way possible; by sailing through them!

You will begin the 15 night voyage in Portsmouth where you will sail out of the Solent, through the Dover Straits and up the North Sea to Norway. There, you will explore the majestic scenery, enchanting towns and fascinating history of the Norwegian Fjords.

You may have the opportunity to visit Bergen, Stavanger or Kristiansund then explore the Fjords to the north or south. From there, you may go up to Sognefjord, Norway’s longest fjord, between snow covered mountains that rise to 1,800m. You may spend a night of the idyllic island Tysnes or Halsnoy, home to the Halsnoy Abbey – once one of the richest in Norway.

You will conclude the voyage sailing back down the North Sea, through the Dover Straits and along the South Coast back to Portsmouth.

This is a fantastic mile builder where you will be involved in all aspects of sailing, from cooking and cleaning to sail handling and taking the helm.

Further Information

Passport – Where passport required is indicated, the voyage will start and/or finish abroad or a UK based voyage will aim to visit abroad.

D of E – All of our voyages of 4 nights or more qualify for the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Residential section. Please let our Reservations Team know before sailing if you want to use to use the voyage for the residential section.