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Meet Kitty – Celebrating Volunteer Week 2024

By Ellie Crowson - June 5th, 2024 | Posted in News No comments

3-9 June marks Volunteer Week, and we are taking this time to celebrate the incredible contributions our volunteers make to young people and communities across the UK.

Volunteers are pivotal in our mission to change young lives at sea. Offshore volunteers alone contribute a staggering 42,000 hours voyaging each year.

We caught up with some of our amazing volunteers and will be sharing their stories throughout the week.

Meet Kitty, who first joined us on a school trip and now volunteers as a watch leader:

Group picture

Kitty, far right at the International Maritime Organization Women’s Day Event in May 2024 with TSYT

Why do you volunteer with TSYT?

“I began volunteering with TSYT because I have always loved sailing and working as a team. After my first trip as a trainee watch leader, I realised how much I enjoyed seeing the young people grow and learn about sailing, those around them, and themselves.”

What’s your most memorable experience?

“My most memorable experience with TSYT was on my first trip as a trainee watch leader … I was and quite nervous about the trip, but my skipper and mate both made me feel welcome and encouraged me to develop my leadership skills throughout the trip.”

Kitty on Challenger

Kitty, right, volunteering on voyage with Wiltshire Scouts 

How has volunteering with TSYT supported you and your career?

“TSYT has improved my confidence and empathy, as I have sailed with young people with a range of different life experiences. I plan on taking a gap year before university to spend some time sailing and volunteering with TSYT. I am going to go to university to train to be a SEND teacher.”

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