Challenger 1 – Leicester Virtual School

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A group from Leicester Virtual School are joining us for a four-night voyage on board Challenger 1 this week.

Check out their daily blog to read all about it.

Day 1

Monday 10

We started the day in Leicester; we woke up around 06:00. Groggily, we all boarded the coach, first packing away our collection of belongings. After a long while of sleeping, speaking and listening to our music, we arrived in Portsmouth, stopping halfway for snacks and drinks.

Next, we stepped off the coach and began to wander through the shopping centre, searching for where we need to be to board our ship, and perhaps to buy something from the shops.

Once we had gotten our bearings and found where we needed to be, we boarded the ship eager to begin our adventure. The 23m long ship has sailed the world twice already, but it was about to set sail again.

We began with a tour around the ship where we learned all sorts of new terminology and skills, which will come in useful in the days to come.

Once we were familiar with the ship, we left the port and set our sights on Cowes on the Isle of Wight.

After a smooth sail, which clocked in at just under two hours, we arrived and began to prepare for the night, doing tasks such as cooking, cleaning, mooring and lowering the flag.

Now we are going to go off to bed, so we can wake up early tomorrow in order to travel to Poole. The crew’s impression of the day is happy and excited.

By Port Watch.

Day 2

Tuesday 11

We started the day off in Cowes, with an early start of 06:30. Many of us were extremely tired and didn’t want to get up because we were groggy.

There were a spread of cereals for breakfast, such as Cheerios, Rice Krispies and Coco Pops. After breakfast, we got the boat ready to sail by setting up the Yankee sail and the Mainsail. Today was in fact, our first time putting up the Mainsail, and it was very tiring, as we had to pull it most of the way up the mast.

We set sail for Poole, a seaside town in the south of the UK. We sailed most of the way, but towards the end of the journey, we put the sails down and motored into Poole Quay.

Today it was Yaqub’s 16th birthday, and we had cake and sang Happy Birthday to him.

When we got to Poole, we moored the boat and then decided to go for a walk and get fish and chips for tea, it was very nice.

Once we got back to the boat, we had showers, played Uno and chilled.

Tomorrow, we get a later start at about 08:00. We are going to Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight. We hope that tomorrow is a nice day and doesn’t rain!

Overall we think that today was excellent.

By Starboard Watch.​

Day 3

Wednesday 12

Today was a later start to the day, we woke up and ate breakfast, which was cereal, croissants and pain au chocolats, it was delicious!

After breakfast, we climbed the mast, which was approximately 30m tall. We participated helping out on the ship.

We left Poole and headed to Yarmouth, the journey was around five hours. For lunch, we ate pasta and tomato sauce topped off with grated cheese.

After we ate lunch, we all helped out pulling up the Yankee sail, which was a bit difficult as the wind was pushing the sail aggressively, but still managed to keep it up.

On this journey, was saw a pod of dolphins, which surprised us as some people had never seen them in their entire life.

We went past the Needles and finally pulled down the Yankee sail as the journey was nearly over.

Once we got to Yarmouth, we went for showers to refresh ourselves and had some free time afterwards.

After we got back from showering, we all helped out cleaning and organising the ship, so it does not get in a mess.

For dinner, we ate chicken fajitas, and some people had seconds! The food was tremendous! Once we were done eating dinner, we helped clean the mess and tidied up. Then, we played games which was entertaining. Also, we did a quiz night to test our knowledge to the max.

After, we all laughed and went to bed, so we can get some rest for tomorrow. Another big adventure!

Are your lives flashing before your eyes?


Day 4

Thursday 13

Today we woke up at 07:30, and we had bagels for breakfast. After breakfast, we prepared the ship for sailing and then we went to the beach and had ice-cream.

After we had ice-cream, we set sail for the Isle of Wight, during the journey the Skipper taught us about flares and how to stay safe on the boat. We sail towards Cowes and we sailed by lots of big ships including big oil tankers. We arrived at Cowes at 17:00. We cooked dinner, which was meatballs, pasta and garlic bread.

Tonight we are doing a night sail back to Portsmouth and when we do this, we will have to be careful for buoys and other ship lights.

We think we will arrive in Portsmouth at 23:30 this evening, which we are looking forward to.

Tomorrow is our last morning on the voyage and we are so proud of everything we have done and wish that the trip would never end.

Thank you Paul, Joel, Chris and Adam for everything!

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