Start Date: 04/01/2020

End Date: 11/01/2020

Voyage code: CC 023

Vessel: Challenger Yachts

Nights: 7

Age: 18-75

Start Port: Antigua

End Port: Antigua

Difficulty Grade:

Passport: Yes

DofE: Yes

Price: £699


Setting off from the world renowned Jolly Harbour in Antigua, join our Challenger Yacht as she sails around the Leeward (northern Caribbean) Islands, hopping from port to port. Some of the islands you might visit include Barbuda, St. Barts & Guadeloupe. Enjoy the delights of the local food against a stunning sunset and venture off onto land when you are at anchor. Remember this is an adventure, so although there will be a chance to relax and enjoy the magic of the Caribbean, you will be encouraged to get involved with all aspects of sailing this stunning yacht from island to island.

Voyage Activities

Whilst much of the voyages itinerary is weather dependent, based on where the wind will take you, your ideas are welcome, in terms of where you would like to sail. Likewise if there are any bucket list items you would like to tick off please share with your skipper. There are a number of key activities that you can expect to partake in whilst on board, if you wish.

  • Helming
  • Navigating
  • Cooking
  • Watch keeping (you will be grouped into watches when you first board the yacht) and Night watches – night watches have been known to provide some interesting spectacles from; stunning sunsets & sunrises to shooting stars and meteor showers in the clear skies free from light pollution
  • Snorkelling whilst at anchor
  • Land based exploring
  • Evening and possible overnight sailing
  • Caribbean cooking nights on board using local produce

Three Interesting Facts about Antigua

  • It is pronounced Antigua, An-TEE’ ga! It is also known as “Waladii or Wadadii” by the native population
  • There are 365 powdery soft white sand beaches, one for every day of the year. One of these beaches is known as Pink Sand Beach, on the southwest coast of the island. The sand is champagne coloured and glows in the sun, thanks to the crushed coral
  • The highest point of Antigua was known as the Boggy Peak until 4 August 2009, when it was renamed after Barack Obama who has a birthday on this day