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KT113 – South Coast Exploration Voyage

By Bolade - May 30th, 2024 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Journey with our young people aged 12 -15 as they explore the South coast on their exciting voyage of exploration.

Day 1

Monday 27 May

Today we arrived at the boat and found there were two girls and three boys (including us). First, Josh (the Skipper) introduced us all and told us what we’re going to be doing for the whole trip. At the port they get ready to set sail. Which included us untying the ropes from the dock. Then we set sail and learned how to tie up the ropes, so they are nice and neat. Because the wind was going against the waves, we couldn’t put up the sails, so we just used the motor. But we still got to steer the boat with a little assistance from Josh and Neil. We are now docked up at Cowes and have had delicious bolognese that Lawrence and James (TSYT crew) have cooked for us. We have played some card games with everyone and now are getting ready for bed.

Georgina and Isla

Day 2

Tuesday 28 May

This morning we woke up and had croissants with Nutella and jam, then we put on our water proofs, then did deck prep to set off from Cowes yacht haven, then we sailed to Lymington, taking turns steering and controlling the winches and then we used the motor to enter the harbour and had baguettes for lunch. Then everybody went out and the ladies ‘teased’ me and the lads while we were peacefully crabbing and fishing. Then Lawrence casted the line into the sail (we caught lots of crabs btw). Then we went back to the boat and had a crab race and talked to some people from the boat next to us and then we lovely sausages prepared by the people on dinner duty.


Day 3

Wednesday 29 May

Today we woke up and had cereal and croissants for breakfast. Then we set sail from Lymington with a mix of motor and sail but for the majority of the time we were just on the sails, (going at a very steady pace), with everybody getting involved we came into the port of Bucklers Hard Harbour.

Then the lads went crabbing and caught an eel. After a lot of fun we went on to the boats for goulash and fun in the evening.


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