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Ketch – Westward Adventure ⎼ aged 16-25

By Kate Stewart - August 18th, 2022 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Joining us onboard the ketch for a Westward Adventure this week, we have a group of individuals, aged 16-25, from across the UK.

Check out their blog to see what they’ve been getting up to so far.

Day 1

Sunday 14

We started with a tour of the Tenacity of Bolton, our vessel. We learnt all about above and below deck, including various safety measures.

We departed Portsmouth and saw a big hovercraft.

We learnt all about how to use the winches, which was very interesting. We put the Mainsail and the Staysail up.

We cooked fajitas and arrived at Cowes. We then ate the fajitas. They were very nice. Would highly recommend.

We are now going to go into Cowes, some of us may possibly shower. Very eventful day. The end.

By Dan, Scott, Rose and Agnes.

Day 2

Monday 15

After a comfortable night for some, we were woken up with the sun, and enjoyed an amazing breakfast.

Soon after, we set out for a walk along the beach of Cowes, followed by free ice creams.

We then had a very intimate man overboard drill, involving a lot of ropes and winches. Honestly though, we are fully ready to save whichever idiot falls overboard.

We set off around 11:30 and made good progress. While going along we practiced putting up the sails and learnt some sailing jargon like tacking and jibing and then learnt about the flares.

Soon after, we anchored in Studland Bay and our group got cooking, while the others pretended to be busy.

Veggie Bolognaise was on the menu, but we ended up with tomato flavoured sludge and a biblical amount of garlic bread. Ironically, the veggies didn’t even eat it (we’re gonna put raw beef in their food)

Anyway that’s all for tonight, now we’re going to enjoy crabbing.

By Dan, Arwen, Felipe and Emma.

Day 3

Tuesday 16

Today started with something warm, wet and salty. We went for a swim in the sea! We dived off the boat and swam around enjoying the view of Old Harry Rocks. The tide was quite strong so it felt like we were in a swim training pool, where you can’t move forward.

After our swim, we set sail… kinda. There was little wind so while the sails were up, we had to use the engine for most of the day. It rained a lot but we saw some really cool places along the coastline and lots of water.

We listened to ABBA and Lady Gaga while we travelled to ‘Yassify’ the boat. Some of us also slept.

When we finally arrived in the beautiful Weymouth, we tried crabbing again. This time was slightly more successful as we managed to catch a grand total of one crab!

We then showered, because being stinky isn’t very pleasant, then had fish and chips for dinner. They were very nice.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings (hopefully more crabs).

By Rose and Dan.

Day 4

Wednesday 17

After a rowdy night, we got up and had a walk along Weymouth promenade, getting ice-creams halfway.

We left at 11:00 and the remainder of the sailing day went very quickly, except for a torrential downpour and arctic weather.

We were supposed to start cooking the burgers, but we ate the snacks instead. Then, the only competent people in our group had to go help on deck, leaving Dan and Felipe in charge of dinner.

Within 10 minutes, the burgers looked terrible, we’d been burnt, the fire alarm had gone off and we were still wet. A few minutes later, the veggie burgers hadn’t changed, we’d cooked the onions in the burger fat, lied to the vegetarians about the onions, repented and confessed and Rose is still talking about feet.

We enjoyed the blood, sweat and tears in the burgers (Arwen’s words). They were actually really good.

By Dan, Felipe, Emma and Arwen.

Day 5

Thursday 18

We started today in moist Lymington. Next, was something truly riveting, we rowed the small dinghy to the Isle of Wight. Some people kicked, some screamed, some rowed, some cried.

We arrived in a speedy 10 minutes. Sam (Skipper) was also splashed significantly. After the Olympic row, we set out onto the sea to sail. It was smooth downwind sailing. We were absolutely zooming.

We then had a lunch of random things we found lying about. Hygiene isn’t necessary at sea. It was truly delectable. Apparently, it took nearly two hours to wash up, but that’s just a theory.

We sailed to Southampton and saw lots of huge ships. Sam seemed to have friends on all the ships, which is definitely surprising.

We then sailed into Hamble, where we played Frisbee, which didn’t seem to work. Whoever designed the Frisbee needs to rethink their career.

We also played splat, which Rose slayed at (won) and had a race which Sam slayed. It was then time for a very spicy tea that made Rose’s face hurt. Yum!

By Rose, Scott, Dan and Agnes.

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