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Ketch – The Piggott School

By Kate Stewart - June 15th, 2022 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Onboard Challenger 3, Challenger 4 and the ketch this week, we have young people from The Piggott School.

Stay tuned to find out what they get up to during their five-day sailing adventure. 

Day 1

Saturday 11

We left from Portsmouth and said goodbye to our parents. We soon found out how small our rooms are.

We sailed to Lymington and arrived after dark.

Port watch made curry for dinner, then we quickly had showers and went to bed.

Day 2

Sunday 12

We woke up early to set sail at 07:00 to Weymouth. The weather conditions were extremely rough and some people threw up.

We had pasties for lunch before arriving in Weymouth around 15:00. We spent the afternoon exploring the beach and found a good tacky souvenir for inter-boat competition.

We then had fish and chips for dinner, had showers and played card games for the rest of the evening.

Day 3

Monday 13

We sailed off from Weymouth to Yarmouth. At the beginning of the day, we all had a go at climbing the mast and we all ended up reaching the top.

The weather was absolutely sublime and as a bonus, no one was sick. We spent most of the day on deck at the back of the boat, listening to some banging music such as Abba, Queen and Elvis, as well as most of us having a go at the helm.

We reached Yarmouth around 16:00 and I think we can all agree that we had the nicest shower experience of the whole trip, it genuinely felt like a spa.

We then started to plan our emblem, but we sort of got stuck on the idea of Bob (Mate), wearing the sandals and we also found out that none of us were that good at drawing.

After that, we just chilled out for the rest of the evening then went to bed.

Day 4

Tuesday 14

We woke up around 08:00 and started to deck prep and sort out the boat for our last day of sailing. Today was also the day that we would do our night sail.

We spent the morning exploring Yarmouth and we saw a lady with her pet gecko, very random.

After most of us got back, we then watched Callum run with his bagels, which again, was one of the highlights of the trip.

Once we had all geared up, we set off to go to Osborn Bay. On the way, we practised a man overboard drill. We then reached Osborn bay and anchored up and that was where we stayed for the next five hours.

Alice and Sam (not the Skipper) had around a two hour nap up on deck and below deck a lot of things went wrong, but in the end everything was sorted out and we ate our bangers and mash on deck.

In the evening, we planned our night sail using a map and some weird equipment that I can’t remember the names of. After we had put a million and one layers on, we set sail following the bouys. The night sail was very successful and we ended up at Portsmouth at around midnight and quickly rushed off to the toilet.

We all fell to sleep fairly quickly and that concludes our sailing part of the trip. A worthwhile experience and I think we can all agree that we do not want to go back to school and would much prefer to continue sailing with Bob. 💙

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