Ketch – Summer Voyage

By Kate Stewart - August 12th, 2022 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

We have a group of individuals aged 12-15, joining us onboard the ketch this week.

Read their blog to see what they’ve been getting up to since they started their TSYT adventure on Monday (8th).

Day 1

Monday 8

Today was very good, we sailed from Portsmouth to Cowes. The sailing was very relaxing. We ate fajitas made by Mark’s squad, which Sofia found particularly spicy.

Straight after we had eaten, we fell into an awful, painful, agonising death due to the sinking of the boat (but two of us rose up only to be eaten alive), due to Mark’s terrible pull-ups, the boat sank and we barely survived to write this blog. Obviously it was all thanks to the buoyant fajitas!


By Scarlett, DJ, Mark and Amelia.

Day 2

Tuesday 9

Today we sailed from the Isle of Wight to Dorset. On our way, we saw forts and learnt some important things. Mark taught us to look out for metal poles.

A few hours after we set off, we reached our destination, next to the beach. The dingy was taken out and in groups of four we were taken to land. A LOT of ice-creams were consumed and we had a sand/water fight in the sea (turns out hats can be used as good buckets).

Back on the ketch, we played board games and arm wrestled. Everyone was surprisingly strong by the way, but Mark beat everyone.

Jess fell down the stairs while we were writing this, we wish her a speedy recovery. Overall, it was a great day and we all highly enjoyed it.

Day 3

Wednesday 10

Trying to sleep last night was horrendous, the waves were rolling us around back and forth. WE NEARLY FELL OFF OUR BEDS and the doors swung open! However, this morning the waves weren’t as violent as last night, which was surprising.

We learnt that bowline knots are a great way to get out of work and to use when winching, mooring lines etc.

We sailed from Studland Bay to Lulworth Cove to stop for our lunch. We then went to the beach for a wander, before heading back to the boat to finish our day eating fish and chips with mushy peas and sausage curry with bread.

Day 4

Thursday 11

So, we woke up, had some delicious pancakes and cereal, then we climbed up Challenger 1’s mast, which we had moored next to the previous night.

We overlooked Weymouth and everybody climbed up. We gained a strong lead on the Challenger, but after we tacked, our lead was lost.

We then had a dance battle to YMCA and other songs, that ended all other dance battles that had gone before us.

Amelia and Scarlett led our boat to dancing glory!

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