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Ketch – South Coast Summer Adventure

By Kate Stewart - August 2nd, 2022 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Onboard the ketch this week, we have a group individuals joining us for a five-night voyage.

Check out their blog for the latest updates from their trip! ?

Day 1

Sunday 31

Today was a banger. We set of from Portsmouth at 16:00 with good visibility 8/8 cloud coverage with the sun burning through as we passed Fawley. It was very fun sailing through the Solent, fighting the pirates. We had Westerly winds of 18 knots. That then dropped to 14 knots at 17:30.

We arrived in the Hamble, and moored up on a centre channel pontoon for the night. We then had chicken fajitas for dinner. There was no deaths today, but who knows about tomorrow!

By Ethan, Fiona, Holly and Ollie.

Day 2

Monday 1

Today we had an early start at 05:30 with 8/8 clouds and set sail out of Hamble at 06:00 to get past the tide at the Needles. We had breakfast on the go and Starboard watch made an amazing breakfast. The sea was calm and we passed the Needles at 09:00. From that point, the weather and wind turned and the tide changed so the tide and the wind were against us.

The boat was heeling at a 25-degree angle which was very exhilarating. We sailed close to Lulworth cove and saw the Durdle Dragon. We then had to motor into Weymouth as the wind and tide were too strong. We finished the day with fish and chips and a relaxing shower, and we were welcomed to Weymouth with fireworks!

Again, no more deaths!

By Oscar, Grace, Amber and Gabriel.

Day 3

Tuesday 2

Ok guys… Today was another banger. We set of from Weymouth at 13:00 and headed out into Weymouth Bay. Bad visibility with moderate winds. As we headed further up the coast, the wind picked up and so did the swell. After having the Mainsail up for a few hours, we took it down as the wind was too strong and reefed the Genoa. Unfortunately, the visibility was poor so we saw little of the coastline as we sailed through the waves heading over to Old Harry rock.

A few hours later, we made our way through the choppy seas and rounded Old Harry Rock. Now we are anchored near the rock, in shallow waters. There were no deaths today but three of us came close to falling out.

Day 4

Wednesday 3

Today was yet again another banger, we pulled in the anchor and set sail for Lymington at 10:00.The winds were moderately strong and there was 8/8 cloud coverage. On the way, we did a MOB practice, which went well.

For lunch, we had pasta with sun dried tomatoes and olives. Then we watch the Cowes Week sailing and saw some very big sails. Then we pulled up next to Challenger 1 and said goodbye.

After a shower, we went to the park! Ahhhhhhh what a day. ​

Day 5

Thursday 4

Today was yet another banger. Starting off the day, ice-cream was on the menu, along with a walk in the forest with trees and nice dogs. The playground was packed with little ones, so we set sail.

We sailed to Osbourne Bay and saw the queen in the little house. We then went swimming off the back of the boat. We then faced west and had a quick prayer sesh. We ate some curry this evening, Amen to that.​

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