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Ketch — South Coast Explorer

By Tall Ships - August 30th, 2021 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day 2

(Thursday 26th)

Today we went on the most exciting sail from Cowes to Lymington. On route we did some man overboard training with Fred the fender (as Bob was our first mate). On our sail we also learned to trim the sail correctly to get the best performance out of the boat. While doing this we decided to race another yacht. WE WON :). When we got into Lymington, we went out and learned to drive the tender. While we were out we saw the Lymington lifeboat launch. Tomorrow we are planning to leave at 6:00AM. We are now moored and ready to go to bed.

Day 3

This morning we were brutally tortured out of our sleep before the sun had even risen, we then sailed past the needles towards Studland Bay where we anchored. We were then forced to walk the plank into freezing cold water! (we went swimming)

Another crewmate, Rory was forced to consume five litres of ice-cream and now has digestive problems and cannot finish his dinner. In summery very pleasant day.

Day 4

On day four we had an early start to bacon butties (although Marcus was feeling seasick for the first time) We all gathered around the dining table to plan our route. We navigated through the darkness using buoys and how and when they flash. We were in a cruise ships path and had to swerve out of the way. We had to be clipped on at all times so we didn’t go splash. We anchored near a beach and slept like logs.

Day 5

We woke up and had breakfast which was a delicious bowl of cereal (or three in Ben’s case). After that, we went to the beach on Bob’s Taxi and we all went into town or went for a swim. We then came back on Bob’s Taxi and when we got back, we walked the plank. Then Marcus realised that he had left his hoodie on the beach so we went on a highly dangerous rescue mission on Bob’s Taxi, success! We then set sail to Gunwharf Quays, Ben showed skill and confidence in his sailing. When we arrived we experienced happy hour (cleaning) and after cleaning we were allowed to wander around the Quays for an hour before getting a shower and going to bed.

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