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Ketch — South Coast Explorer

By Tall Ships - August 6th, 2021 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day 1


We got on the boat at 2pm, it was smaller than I expected. We put our stuff on the bunks, which looked very comfortable. We set off around 3pm and sailed. It was very windy and cold. We sailed down the Solent and went through the submarine wall and stopped at Chichester. We went on the little dingy and one of the girls fell in getting out of the dingy at the beach, It was very funny. ?

Then we ate chicken fajitas.​

Day 2


We woke up to the sound of someone lighting the stove at 0620!! We then got ready while some had a sleepy start. We sat down when ready and dug into the many choices of cereal, while many (literally EVERYONE) decided to eat the coco puffs. I went with a bowl of wholegrain Cheerios followed by a bowl of cornflakes.

After having pulled in the anchor we set sail on steady waters. There was a fresh breeze for the entirety of the journey. I found myself very cranky, not having had much sleep the previous evening. The trip was long but we progressed steadily. We then ate lunch kindly prepared by Mike, it consisted of a wrap with peppered chicken, which gave it a little kick. We also had condiments to add. After a while we finally pulled in. It then started to rain and we had to go below deck. After a while the rain eased and we were able to have a bit of fun in the dingy.

Then on the return of the second group we went to take showers, it really surprised us the showers were individual and very spacious, the water was hot and very relaxing. After finishing in the showers, James and Iris prepared the meal which consisted of bolognaise pasta. It was very good! We then sat down to watch a movie.

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