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Ketch – South Coast Exploration – age 16 to 25

By Kate Stewart - October 25th, 2023 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

We have a group of individuals aged 16 to 25 from across the UK joining us on the ketch for a Voyage of Exploration this week.

Some of them are completing the residential section of their DofE Gold Award, some were just looking for something fun to do this October half term and all of them are having a great time on board! Read their blog to find out more.

Day 1

Monday 23

Today was better than I expected. Despite being awkward at first, with all the small talk, we have all got along quite well so far.

Once everyone had arrived, we started with a safety briefing and introductions where we all learnt interesting facts about each other (including everyone’s favourite biscuits).

Already, we have learnt new knots, participated in steering, helped in engine maintenance, and much more.

At the end of the day, after we had docked, we somehow managed to cook an edible dinner (despite a few mistakes) together.

This is when we started to relax more as we got to know each other and listened to music.

Overall, it was a pretty successful day with us managing to cover 11 nautical miles.

By Ava and Joanna.

Day 2

Tuesday 24

We woke up at 8:00 (ish – wake up time was 7:45) to help prepare breakfast with the rest of Aft Watch. I mostly spent that time helping to toast crumpets before eating.

At cast off, I unplugged us from shore power (and may have acted as a roving fender but, to be honest, I forgot exactly what I did). I assisted in raising the Mainsail; operating the winch. As a crew, to pass the time, we decided to make a song playlist on Spotify, for which my account was used. It was interesting to hear everyone’s differing taste in music, including John, Paul and Tony’s.

Unfortunately, during the afternoon, I came down with a bout of sea nausea and went to sleep; only briefly waking up when it rained. When we docked, I acted as a roving fender again until we tied up, after which I cleaned up a soup spillage that had apparently happened when I was asleep.

Before supper, during some down time, we found a deck of cards and played cheat, which eventually ended with no winner, out of boredom, Ava and I jumped back into the game after getting bored that we had gotten rid of all our cards (I lost all my cards first though so I’m claiming victory don’t tell Ava).

For supper, because I am a lousy cook, I made myself useful by setting the table and closing the rear hatch (and getting quite wet in the process, which Lucy laughed quite hard at). The fish and chips were pretty good and I do feel like we have grown closer as a crew.

Writing this blog, I am excited for what is to come tomorrow (hopefully not more sea sickness). I’m assuming a briefing of tomorrow’s events is coming soon, after which I am going to have a shower. We have heard that something exciting is coming tomorrow…

(My memory is not the best so I might not be the most reliable narrator but hey, whatcha gonna do)

By Oliver.​

Day 3

Wednesday 25

The morning started with an exploration in Poole, where we walked, enjoyed the local environment and took in the scenery. After making it back to the boat, we were able to get the dingy out and row around, and also were able to climb the mast on Challenger 3.

Reversing out of the harbour took some time due to having to walk the boat back along the pontoon and a minor incident. After seeing the SAS whiz past on their boats, it was smooth sailing. Music, vibes and morale was good on the boat, some well selected tunes.

A great lunch of some jacket potatoes, beans, cheese and tuna was served and washed down with some banging squash. After seeing a helicopter on a lighthouse, we continued straight for a bit longer.

After taking the sails in we started to get dinner ready while coming into port. Sailing in was easy and a smooth docking made the cooking much easier.

A class meal of fajitas was served and washed down with some more banging squash. The evening closed with cleaning up the kitchen and a thrilling game of Uno, with some questionable rules.

Overall another great day.

By Raphael

Day 4

Thursday 26

On our last full day, we started off with making breakfast before exploring Lymington for an hour and finding a coffee shop to sit in.

We then returned to the ship and set sail before the tides were too low, and made our way out giving way to ferries and larger boats alike.

We then sailed to Cowes, having a lunch of tortellini and spinach on the go and washing up just in time to moor in the marina.

Next, we had some free time in Cowes, as we were planning on doing some night sailing later on. We walked around the town for a while before we returned to the boat and began cooking dinner, which tonight was bangers and mash.

First though, before dinner, we were taught the basics of how to read a nautical map, including the depths and certain routes.

Unfortunately, we didn’t go night sailing due to the time it took to cook and clean up dinner. The decision not to go night sailing was made by all of us, as we wanted to chat, listen to music and generally just chill instead. Finally, we went for showers and it will soon be time to go to bed for the last time on this trip.

By Leuan.​

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