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Ketch – Queensmill School

By Kate Stewart - June 22nd, 2023 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

This week onboard the ketch, we have a group of students from Queensmill School, in London joining us for a four-night voyage.


Day 2

Tuesday 20

The boat trip has been so far fun, I felt a little bit sick but at least I didn’t throw up.

We have been taking it in turns to drive the boat and learning lots of different things to do with the sails and tying knots.

The food has been good so far and well cooked (no food poisoning so far). My favourite food so far has been lunch today, that was crispy chicken wraps.

We really enjoyed going to the beach at Cowes and throwing rocks in the sea and looking around different shops.

I’m looking forward to riding in the dingy tomorrow and really hoping no one falls in!!!

That’s all for today hopefully see you soon.

By Gabby.

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