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Ketch — October Half Term Adventure

By Tall Ships - October 26th, 2021 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day 1

Monday 25th - by Helena

We left our hotel at around 09:00 and made our way down to the dockyard for about 12:45. We were a bit scared, but mainly excited for the week ahead. We met the crew and the other young people and got on the ketch. We learnt how to do a clove hitch knot which we then put into practice. 5 of us got to steer the boat on the way to Cowes which included me. It was very fun, although I did go off track a bit. Once we got to Cowes, we played a few card games like Uno and Go Fish which was fun. We then had chicken curry for tea which was delicious.

Day 2

Tuesday 26th - by Rhiana and Kaiden

Today it was really rough seas and everyone felt sick, we did have one person throw up.

At midday, some took part in nap sessions, whilst others sailed the boat. When trying to put down the Staysail, the boat was rolling and we had to be careful that nobody fell over. To do this, the crew made sure we were clipped on.

Overall we had a good day, we had some highs and lows but we ended the day with some good old fish and chips.

Day 3

Wednesday 27th - by Noah

Today we had rockier conditions, with the boat rolling around in the sea. We came back past the Needles to the marina in Yarmouth. We used the Genoa (sail) as we had the wind pushing us on from behind and we sailed most of the way. We ended the day with a couple of hours to ourselves where we explored the town and went to the beach to skim stones, and came back to ‘spag bol’ prepared by Port watch.

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