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Ketch – Cranmore School

By Kate Stewart - July 13th, 2023 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

This weekend, we have a group of young people from Cranmore School joining us onboard the ketch.

Check out their voyager blog to see how they’re getting on!

We left Cranmore at 17:15, and set off towards the South Coast. After an hour and a half journey, we arrived.

The very kind and generous Skipper and First Mate welcomed us aboard and we settled in with ease.

Before cooking a delicious dinner of sausages and mash, which we all contributed to making and preparing. We played a few games of Uno and some of us relaxed on the deck.

After dinner, we washed and cleaned up.

Unfortunately, we encountered a slight incident where the toilet wouldn’t flush and it was very stinky. Next, we took a group photo with the stunning sunset in the background. Following that, we got one last bit of fresh air before returning to our bunk beds and settling down for a well-earned rest, excited for the day at sea tomorrow!

By Jensen and Miles

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