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Ketch – Bolton School

By Kate Stewart - June 6th, 2022 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

We’ve had a group from Bolton School onboard the ketch for a six-day voyage.

Read their blog to find out more!

Day 1

Sunday 29

Today, we all met at school at 7:30, apart from Imogen who was late. Zara talked about her interesting dreams about zombies. We then set off and stopped off at services on the way, making sure to ask the year to confuse everyone.

When we got there, we arrived at a random care home, so Emily instructed the driver to go upside down. When we FINALLY got there, we met Chas (TSYT Youth Development Manager) and he showed us to the boat. Then we met Watch Leader, Charlotte, Skipper, Sam and Mate, Mike and they gave us a boat tour.

Zara and Emily learnt how to steer the boat and we all learnt to tie knots and helped to manage the boat. Later, Starboard watch made fajitas for dinner. We cut up so many peppers but they were delicious. We talked lots during dinner and then we wrote this blog. ?​

Day 2

Monday 30

Today, we woke up and all got ready for breakfast, which was toast and cereal. Then we got all our gear on and started sailing. We had to stop off for petrol in the harbour and we met a very cute dog!

We then stated our journey and soon it was time for lunch, which was a buffet of all different things from scotch eggs to cocktail sausages and bread and butter. The waves were very choppy at that point and the knifes and forks were going everywhere! People started feeling seasick at that point (Zara) and so Charlotte saved the day and started a sing song with us all, which was really fun and distracted us from the choppy waves.

After that, we anchored up the boat and Imogen and Emily helped blow up the inflatable dingy. Sam drove us in groups in the dingy to the beach where Ellie, Imogen and Emily decided to go swimming in the freezing water. They also took a while rinsing the sand off afterwards.

Mike cooked dinner for us all while we were at the beach and it was delicious! We talked a lot (especially about TOES!). We then decided who would wash up and then we wrote this blog!​

Day 3

Tuesday 31

Today we woke up and had pain au chocolat and croissants. We then put the sails up and started on our journey towards Yarmouth, where we were going to moor up, but there was no space so we had to head back to the first place we stayed, but on the other side.

We had lunch, which was pasties and beans and then made it to Cowes and moored there. Then we packed the deck away and went to the showers, which we had been waiting for for two days.

We then came back and went for a walk to the nearby beach and also visited the local Sainsbury’s where Zara bought fake tan and Imogen bought lots of coffee.

We then came back and prepared cauliflower curry for dinner, which was very yummy. We talked about toes more and then came and wrote our blog.

Day 4

Wednesday 1

Today we woke up and attempted to make pancakes and failed, but it was ok because it was very fun.

We had a dingy race against each other and Imogen and Isobel won with a time of 69 seconds. After that, we went for a shower and brushed our teeth.

Then, we went on a walk to get some ice creams, they were delicious! We then went back to the boat and set sail.

Before lunch, we had a talk about flare guns and how to use them. We had pesto pasta for lunch and it was phenomenal.

After lunch, the crew threw a danbouy overboard and we rescued it. We carried on sailing and then docked in a port.

For dinner, we made bangers and mash with some chocolate brownies for pudding! We laughed a lot at the dinner table and then wrote this blog.​

Day 5

Tuesday 2

Today, we were rudely awakened from our luscious slumber to go and make scrambled eggs for breakfast, which was very scrumptious.

After, we created burgees for the Queen’s Jubilee but, unfortunately, they fell apart while we were sailing, which was devastating. Furthermore, we were littering paper in the sea when the pieces of paper flew everywhere, which made us feel very shameful.

We carried on with our day and had potatoes and beans for lunch, which, again, was utterly scrumptious. Then we anchored the boat and relaxed for a while, until Sam taught us how to work out the time of travel in the sea.

Later that evening, we had sweet and sour chicken, which was absolutely delicious. Then, we came and wrote todays blog. ​

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