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Ketch – Bolton School

By Kate Stewart - August 2nd, 2023 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

On board our 55ft ketch this week, we had a group of boys from Bolton School joining us for a five-night voyage.

Our ketch,Tenacity of Bolton, was built by boys and staff from Bolton School over nine years as a Millennium Project.

She was later gifted to TSYT in 2014 and has been taking youth crews to sea ever since!

Check out this week’s blog from the crew on board.



Day 1

Sunday 23

First thing today, we left school on the bus at 07:30. The journey was long and we stopped three times on the way. It was raining on and off throughout the trip.

Once we reached our destination (an M&S car park), we meet two of our instructors, thanked the driver and walked to the marina where the boat was waiting. We were then introduced to the instructors and were given a safety briefing once Ben had arrived.

Once the briefing concluded, we went on a stroll along the coast of Portsmouth to see the final landing craft from the historic event, D-day.

We then returned to Tenacity and the stern watch cooked a splendid dish: SPAG BOL. To accompany the delicious meal, we were treated with garlic bread. Once we had dined lavishly on Spaghetti Bolognaise, the bow watch were in charge of CLEAN UP DUTY. And that concludes Day 1 of this adventurous trek across the unknown (the UK).

By Paddy, Jacob, Rory and Oliver.

Day 2

Monday 24

This morning we all woke up to bagels and jam.

We were then sent off to brush our teeth and have our showers.

After our hearty breakfast and showers, we excitedly prepared the boat, eager to sail across to Yarmouth.

As we set off, we worked hard to get the boat on course. Paddy reenacted the Titanic scene, and shortly after, we enjoyed some well-prepared hotdogs for lunch.

We learnt some knots that consisted of figure of 8, a clove hitch and a round turn and double hitch knot.

We then approached Yarmouth Harbour, with responsibilities to help dock the boat, which we did successfully.

The bow watch made chicken curry with rice and naan bread. The stern watch washed up.

At the end of the day, Ambrose found three jellyfish and one fish. We are now going for another shower and then it will soon be time for bed.

By Ben, Ambrose, Charlie and Nathan.

Day 3

Tuesday 25

Today started in Yarmouth and we had cereal for breakfast. Then we went for a walk around town and along the River Yar where we saw Brent’s gooses and Sandwich Terns.

We had a lesson on points of sail and learnt about buoys. Then we prepared the boat for departure, including checking the engine and turning the winches.

We set sail at 12:20 and sailed 23.7 nautical miles from the Isle of Wight to Poole.

For lunch, we had pasties that were very nice. The water was quite choppy and some people went to the front of the boat and got soaked.

For tea, we cooked and ate sausage and mash then showered and got ready to go to bed as we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow.

By Rory, Jacob, Paddy and Oliver.

Day 4

Wednesday 26

We all quickly woke up to the call for morning ablutions, which were duly had.

After our showers, we then enjoyed some nice croissants and pain au chocolates for breakfast. Shortly after, we headed out for our morning walk to explore Poole and treated ourselves to ice cream.

Later on, around 12:30 we began our trip to Lymington, but were greeted with ‘technical difficulties’, and we ended up back in the same place we started (Poole).

We gobbled down some steamy ravioli for lunch and had a prep talk. The Skipper and Mate tried to fix the boat, but to no avail. Later we moved the boat to allow a famous sailor Pip Hare, and her racing boat, Medallia to dock in Poole.

Afterwards, we devoured down plates full of fish n’ chips for dinner. The Skipper then surprised us with ice cream for desert, which was delicious. We are now going to go for our evening showers before bed time.

By Charles, Ambrose, Nathan and Ben.

Day 5

Thursday 27

Today started with one of our fellow comrades, waking up with stomach pains and so after being assessed, Adam, the Mate, had to take him to A&E.

We had our assorted cereals (mainly consisting of cheerios) for breakfast and then started our second day alongside in Poole. We were spending a second day in Poole, as the boat has a problem, and we need an engineer to take a look at it.

We commenced our lessons for the day and was taught by the Skipper. We learnt about different types of emergencies and flares.

Soon after the lesson had ended, we heard that our fellow crew member wasn’t coming back to the boat, as he needed to stay in hospital and Adam is currently at A&E waiting for his parents (he’s okay now though).

Tony took us out for a walk to get ice cream and while we were away, the mechanics eventually arrived to look at the boat.

When we got back, we found out that the boat was broken and we wouldn’t be going anywhere. We chilled on the boat for the rest of the afternoon, before it was time to prepare dinner. Dinner tonight, was Chicken Fajitas, which was delicious.

After dinner, the other guys tided up. There was a firework display tonight at 22:00 which we watched and it was great. It is now time for bed as we have to get up early tomorrow to pack, tidy the boat and then head home.

By Rory, Jacob, Oliver and Paddy.

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