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Ketch – Bolton School

By Kate Stewart - July 26th, 2022 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Joining us onboard the ketch this week, we have a group of boys from Bolton School.

Read their blog to find out how their five-night voyage is going so far. ?

Day 1

Sunday 24

After we arrived in Portsmouth, a man called Chas said to be smiley, shiny and happy. We walked with him to the Tenacity of Bolton.

We were shortly introduced to our Skipper and Mate, Sam and Mike. Then, we got a tour of our boat – Tenacity. We then learnt how moor the boat and how to tack, which is changing the direction of the sail and boat.

We started sailing to Cowes on the Isle of Wight. We have now moored into the harbour, where we’ve had dinner (chicken fajitas).

By Peter, Lucas and George.

Day 2

Monday 25

Today we woke up at 07:30, with breakfast at 08:00. We then had a quick lesson with Sam about different points of sail.

We proceeded to get our boat ready, tying the ropes and putting the sails up. We set sail across rough water to Lymington. On our way we did lots of tacks, which we got better at doing throughout the day.

When we docked, we tidied the deck. We then prepared the food, pasta bolognaise, which was made with the help of Mike.

By Will, Jacob, Zain and Daniel.

Day 3

Tuesday 26

Today we started the day with chocolate croissants and not long after, we prepped the deck. We then set off into calm waters. It was easy work as tacks were not as frequent as yesterday.

After a few hours of sailing, we reached our destination: Studland Bay- home to Old Harry Rocks. Having anchored, we took the dingy to get to the nearby beach.

After taking a dip in the sea and skimming some stones, we took the dingy back to the boat. To end our action-packed day, we tucked into some tasty burgers.

By Daniel, Zain, Will and Jacob.

Day 4

Wednesday 27

Today we ate pancakes in the morning and then we set off to Yarmouth. On the way, we saw Old Harry Rocks and Hurst Castle.

Mike gave us a lesson on different flares and smoke, and what they mean. He also taught us what to do if someone falls overboard. We then did a drill and it went amazingly.

For tea, we had an extremely delicious and extravagant vegetable korma curry.

By Lucas, Peter, George. ​

Day 5

Thursday 28

Today we had eggs and toast, then set of to Osborne Bay. As we sailed, we tucked into some pasta on deck that Sam made.

After we dropped the anchor, we packed our bags ready for tomorrow. While we were there, we had some nice bangers and mash. We then had a few hours of rest before setting of on our night voyage .

By Zain , Will, Jacob and Daniel.​

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