I was lucky enough to grow up with the support of a loving family but I still found being a teenager and early adult life very difficult. I really struggled with my confidence, suffered from depression and had low self esteem.

What we do helps young people, many of whom are disadvantaged or disabled, with the things I struggled with when I was younger. Our mission is to enable young people aged 12-25 to fulfil their life potential through experiences at sea and by breaking down the barriers they face in society. 88% of the young people that sailed with us last year said we gave them a life changing experience.

I'm proud of what we do and the difference that we make, but we want to help more young people. Over 117,000 trainees have sailed with us since 1956 and our aim is to support 2,500 young people annually by 2023. By sponsoring me to jump out of a plane and confront my fears you can help make our vision of a society where all young people have the opportunity to develop their full life potential become true!

Here's a support message from a group of young people supported by Young Gloucestershire

On the 23 February I'm jumping out of a plane at 10,000ft (nearly 2 miles) and freefalling for 30 seconds. I must be mad.

Thank you for sponsoring me!


Richard Lloyd-Williams