In 2018, I sailed with TSYT to the Channel Islands and I loved every moment of it, and once guidelines and rules are eased to allow voyages to continue, I can't wait to embark on my next adventure. I want experiences like I had to be available to all children and young people, regardless of their background or situation. That's why I plan to run 465km in the months of July and August (that's the distance from Portsmouth to the Île d'Yeu in France!) to raise £640 for the Calmer Waters Appeal, so that this amazing charity can keep providing for people like me for many more years to come. Follow my journey on Instagram:

UPDATE: On the final day of my challenge, 31/08/20, I completed my 465km journey! Although my running challenge is over (for now!), I am still a long way from reaching my donation target; there's still time to help me and Tall Ships reach our goal for the Calmer Waters Appeal though, so please help us out, and keep spreading the word! Layla-Mae Martin