Day 2

More than just boats

This year, we need to raise £75,000 to enhance and upgrade our entire Challenger fleet.

These four vessels are more than just boats; they’re platforms for transformation, where young individuals discover their potential and navigate towards brighter futures.

With your generosity, we can offer them the best voyage experience possible, with improved conditions on board and memories that will last a lifetime.​

Donate today

Your donation will enable us to make significant improvements to our vessels and mean we can continue supporting young people across the UK.

Supporting as many young people as possible

Dedicated volunteers maintain our fleet to ensure they’re ready for year-round adventures.

However, sometimes larger projects arise, stretching our resources.

Funding these essential upgrades impacts our ability to support as many young people as we’d like through our bursary programme.

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maddy anderson tsyt yaw 012 photo by adam gerrard

Changing young lives at sea

Voyages can be life-changing for young people, many of whom have faced challenging backgrounds. This could be living in poverty, struggles with mainstream education, or having caring responsibilities.

The three-voyage journey of Exploration, Empowerment and Leadership, combines outdoor learning with personal development, social development, and practical life skills. It develops young leaders, offers pathways into volunteering, maritime and the blue economy.

Young people tell us that they have built self-esteem, resilience, and problem-solving skills, which they go on to embed into their daily lives, creating better outcomes for themselves and their communities.​​

Important fleet upgrades include:


New Dinghies: used for beach cleans and ocean sustainability activities. They are also required for RYA competent crew certificates, essential for a career in maritime.

New Bunks: our trusty bunks have been through two world tours in their 20-year journey, but they’re now showing their age and need an upgrade to remain a hygienic place for our young people to feel refreshed.

Waterproofs for all four challengers: we sail all year round, our young people are regularly exposed to wind, rain, and spray. Waterproof clothing keeps them dry, warm and comfortable.

Lift & scrub haul out: keeping our yachts shipshape is crucial for ensuring their longevity and safety.

Life jackets: we need to service our life jackets each year, if they don’t pass, or are more than five years old, we need to replace them. Life jackets are vital in ensuring the safety of our young people.  

Life rafts: provide shelter, equipment, and hypothermia protection for our young people, and are designed to keep them safe should they find themselves in an emergency.

Anchor windlass: Powered winch solely for raising and lowering our anchor. It is one of the only things on deck that isn’t human-powered.

Winch handle: One of the most important pieces of equipment when sailing. When tacking, it isn’t unusual to use 4 simultaneously as we grind in the sails and backstays.

group photo in wet weather wear

Donate to the Fleet Investment Fund

Thank you – not only are you helping ensure the longevity of our fleet, but you are also providing a suitable learning environment for young people, helping them to access voyaging and change their lives at sea.​

Quote marks

“Before I joined the voyage, I was all over the place and I was really struggling with my mental health, I was on the wrong path and TSYT literally saved me at the right time….being in care affected me as I felt like I was singled out all the time, but I enjoyed the feeling of being free on the boat, and I enjoyed meeting new people too”.

Zoe, 18