It is essential to me that a charity I work with is in a field that excites me, and The Tall Ships does just that. I have always been interested in helping younger people understand the value of team work and respect, and I have been on the water since I was 9. Combining the two seems perfect. I appreciate that sailing is a means to an end, not the purpose itself, as the sailing is a vehicle to help the youngsters learn new life skills. Living on a small boat is a very quick way of understanding how you can get on with people, especially with those who think differently. I was lucky enough to have experiences when I grew up which helped me. In addition to formal education, I had other opportunities which continued in later life. It would be rewarding to be part of a team helping others have a step up in life.


I have been on the water since I was 9. I have sailed dinghies including teaching sailing in my gap year for PGL.  I windsurfed in my twenties and have been on sailing yachts since I was a teenager. I now have a little motor boat in Mallorca. I have for a long time thought that sport has a wider purpose that just the game. I coached rugby for 13 years as my son grew up. I noticed what I had enjoyed, namely the team spirit which for him has lasted long after he stopped playing.

I have had a long career in finance, working for Ernst & Young for 39 years. where my roles included being responsible for the EY audit practice, both in the UK and in Northern Europe, Middle East, India and Africa. I also looked after some of EY’s larger audit clients including Sainsbury’s, RELX, ABB and British Airways. The management roles and client roles have complemented each other. Most of my career was in London but I had 6 years in Zurich and a year in USA.