Why Tall Ships Youth Trust?

Having first sailed with Tall Ships at age 14, and regularly since as an onboard volunteer, I have a long standing loyalty to this charity. I have seen first hand the tremendous impact that the work of Tall Ships and its supporters has on young lives. Coming from a sailing-supportive family has made it relatively easy for me to enjoy the sport and all its benefits throughout the years, however I am well aware that there are other young people, not so different to me in some respects, that are not so blessed. I want to dedicate my time and efforts to ensure that more of my peers and those to come can access the opportunities that I have.


I have sailed since childhood, instructed dinghies since school, taught on yachts since adolescence and been a live-aboard during a gap year. Now in my twenties I collect skippering certificates and race in a competitive fleet. Academically I have a degree in Biomedical Sciences from King’s College London and a keen interest in genetics and cancer research. I have worked for several years in Event Management and Corporate Team Building, directing a small team to run large focused events. These analytical and management skills have led me to my current graduate job as a Business Improvement Coordinator for Greencore UK. I work to identify, analyse and fix areas of improvement for the world’s leading manufacturer of pre-packaged sandwiches.