Please tell us a bit about yourself

I started my role as Shoreside Volunteer Coordinator in July 2018 having previously been a seagoing volunteer on deck, and in the galley, on Stavros S Niarchos.  I have also undertaken several voyages on the Challengers, and have been involved with the trust since 2003

Please tell us a bit about your role at Tall Ships

I am setting up and coordinating groups of supporters throughout the UK.  The groups will assist with fundraising, raising the profile of the trust, and finding young people who would benefit from a voyage on one of our vessels.

What has been your most memorable moment at Tall Ships?

At the end of one of our voyages a teacher from one of the participating schools was on the quayside to welcome back her pupils.  One of the girls was very introverted and at the beginning of the voyage was quiet and did not like speaking to anyone, however as the boat approached the shore the teacher could see this girl shouting and singing at the top of her voice along with the rest of the crew.  I spoke to the teacher afterwards and she said she had been so excited about the change that she had immediately telephoned their headmistress to let her know.